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Guided Imagery

When I do guided mediation along with this is guided imagery, guiding clients during mediation to imagine and picture e.g. that they are walking along a beach or in a forest. I read this with interest about guided imagery and thought I would share it with you.

The following is guided imagery connected to psychology and cognitive behaviour therapy and it’s usages to help people recover from e.g. anxiety or post truamatic stress disorder.

Sometimes in the past, I have imagined situations with alternative endings to them, happier endings, more comforting endings than what actually happened. And although, it can not change the past, it did help me to feel better even thought nothing had actually changed except my emotions. I think it did help as well, to realise that sometimes what we feel about something that has happened that upsets us is more to do with our ideas and interpretations of it rather than the occurance itself, so if we imagine alternative happier outcomes, we can see sometimes that the differences are not so drastic, and maybe in turn that the event itself was not so drastic and we can feel differently about what has happened and be more accepting of ourselves and that we do not always make good decisions and forgive ourselves for this.

Being Reiki, Being non-judgemental

Reiki is known as your bright light and living reiki and being reiki is living the precepts which are:

His five precepts have a long history, coming from a Tendai sect of Shugendo that Usui was in contact with, and this is what they are:

Just for today
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your dealings with people
Be compassionate to yourself and others

Just for today means being fully engaged in the moment, being mindful. I believe also that ‘just for today’ means the opposite, it means trying to do these things every day and all the time as well.

I believe in being non-judgemental and this is what I try to do in my life and dealings with people. As long as people are not hurting others I don’t mind what they do, people need to do what they need to for their life and no one can live your life for you. I did another post which stated that I don’t care what ethnicity, background, where people come from, what they define themselves as etcetera. This is all part of being non-judgemental and non-discriminate. This world is not an easy place and one of the ways we can help others is by living these precepts and adding to them, being non-judgemental and accepting of others differences and other peoples choices. So, when I read posts in reiki groups that appear to be judgemental about reiki practitioners and people in general, it saddens me.

And to create a safe and caring and reiki inspired space for your customers and pupils, we need to be non-judgement and non-critical and promote an accepting and inclusive space where all are welcome. There are many good reiki teachers and we do not need to be perfect, reiki is very versatile energy, a very gentle and non-discriminate energy, it works for everyone. It is gentle and we need to be gentle with ourselves and with other people as is reiki.

Your Bright Light

Reiki is your bright light and we can think that by practising Reiki and learning Reiki, and doing Reiki meditations, and following the precepts, that in these ways we are returning to our bright light.

It is good to follow the precepts and I do teach about the precepts on my Reiki courses.

Just for today

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be humble

Be honest in your dealings with people

Be compassionate to yourself and others

These precepts come from a Tendai sect of Shugendo that Usui was in contact with. I do believe that is a good thing to follow these precepts and especially, not becoming angry with yourself and with others. Being angry with yourself, can lead to all sorts of problems, and being angry with other people can lead to further aggression, and problems in relationships.

There are many people who are all the above and have not even heard of Reiki, so I think it is important to remember that one doesn’t need to be a Reiki practitioner to be honest, or compassionate, or to be trying to avoid worrying. Also, one important strength which I would add to these precepts is: Do not be selfish, be considerate of other people and their needs.

When Usui talks about ‘Just for today’, I think that he was saying about trying every day to do this, to think each day, that ‘just for today’ I will…..He was saying to try and follow the precepts every day.

Another aspect of ‘Just for today’ is that he could have been talking about being Mindful, and saying right now, be mindful of what you are doing, you don’t need to be angry, or to worry about anything, and be compassionate with yourself, because right now, you matter, this moment, you matter, and be kind and compassionate to yourself and others this moment.

Living your life with the precepts in your heart and in your spirit, will help your spiritual path, it will help your life. Reiki and meditation will help you if you are prone to any negative issues, like being angry too often, or worrying too often as well. When you feel angry or worried, remember that ‘Just for today’ you will try not to become angry or worried, and will do what you can to resolve the problems which have brought about this negative emotion, as well as sitting and relaxing in Reiki energy and meditating.

Being compassionate with yourself can mean many things. Some things it can mean are: not being hard on yourself for your mistakes, means forgiving yourself of your past mistakes, means not pushing yourself so hard that you make yourself ill, means not pushing yourself so hard that you are unable to do everything you need to do, it means making sure that you treat yourself as important, and that you remember that your needs are important. It means caring about yourself and your life.

Being compassionate to others, all the above, can be applied to other people. Other people’s needs and feelings are important, and being kind to other people and treating other people with care and kindness is important. It is important not only for those people we come into contact with, but it is important for ourselves, for our lives.

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You are most welcome here. It doesn’t matter to me what size or shape you are, the colour of your skin or your sexual preference. You matter and how you feel, if you are in discomfort, in need of help, feeling under the weather emotionally or physically, this all matters.

As a reiki practitioner and holistic therapist I am aiming to promote optimal health and wellbeing, spiritual guidence but much more is important to me as well and is part of all this, happiness, peace, living life to the full, being your true authentic self, feeling good about yourself and enjoying what you do.

Welcome to my blog, my website and my therapies.

Is there scientific evidence for chakras?

Margaret M Moga of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapol has been conducting research and analysing research on chakras and energy healing and various other interesting subjects, ‘ In this narrative review, anatomical and physiological evidence in support of chakras as scientifically detectable structures is examined. Although there have been few scientific studies of the chakras, evidence suggests that chakras may emit electromagnetic radiation and be associated with underlying nerve plexuses.’

In this review she identifies relevant research on chakras and also concludes that

‘The biofield, of which chakras are part, is based on

bioelectromagnetics and biophysical fields that play a regulatory role in cellular structure

and function (Movaffaghi and Mohammad, 2009)’, which means that chakras have a biological and chemical method and function and if this is true are part of our human biology.

Many people have experiences when they work on their chakras or meditate on them such as seeing colours or feeling energy or heat. And when she has finished the research she is doing on this topic, I will be looking forward to reading it. So, if you are interested in reading more about the research she has done as I am, then click on to her website, and I will be posting about her research on my blog as well,

As I have a degree in Psychology with health and nutrition, as part of my studes at university I undertook research in my degree subjects. Prior to that I studied sociology at A level and degree level as well and read much research on social science issues. And so I am interested in reading research articles, post graduate thesis and keeping up to date with new research in subjects I am passionate about.

Looking forward to continuing this and sharing some of what I find with you.

Reiki for pets

If you have cats or dogs or any other animals, they do benefit from Reiki same as humans do. So if they are ill and you have studied Reiki you can do Reiki for them. Or you could send them Reiki every day/week whenever you think of it.

I am in South Yorkshire and if you want me to come and share Reiki with you, your pets or you and your pets together that is something that can be done as well. So, if you have not thought of having Reiki for you and your pet(s), then do consider it.

I have sent Reiki via distance also to cats and dogs and that is something that could be arranged if you are not anywhere near South Yorkshire.

Reiki works in exactly the same way for animals as it does humans. The last time I did Reiki for a cat, it was sat on it’s owner’s lap next to me on the settee and then jumped off the lap and went and stretched out on the back of the settee behind my head and I continued with the treatment with it lying there.