pink water lillies3Reiki is a natural method to assist your body to heal and for spiritual growth.  If you learn Reiki you also learn mindfulness and about living the Reiki precepts. Reiki is as natural as the sea and the sky.

Reiki energy can be utilised for the benefit of the practitioner and the people who it is shared with.  The Japanese characters for Reiki, can be translated as life energy, soul energy, and spiritually guided life force energy.  Rei can be translated also as spiritual wisdom, and Ki, as life energy.  Everyone has energy within themselves and energy around them, and there is energy in this world, in all living things, and in the universe.  During a Reiki session, I make a strong connection to the Reiki energy and the energy goes to the recipient.  The energy assists our bodies in many ways, for your mind, body and spirit.  Reiki is also thought of as spiritual or divine energy.  

Reiki utilises a healing energy which works on various levels, the biological physical level for illnesses, health problems, pain and stress, overtiredness, the mental level for stress again and emotional upset, worries and the spiritual level. People often say that having and learning about Reiki has enriched their life.

Reiki works so that if someone has a health problem, an illness or an injury.  The healing energy will promote healing in their body. It is a healing energy which assists the body’s own healing methods.  If you have health problems, stress, or illness – try it and you could be amazed by the results.  It helps to alleviate worries, stress and tiredness.  It is spiritually uplifting.  

You can have a treatment if you feel ‘run down’ and want a pick me up.  If you have a specific health problem or illness, have a Reiki treatment.  There are no side effects.  There are no contra indications.  The session is carried out with the client fully clothed, and the practitioners hands, gently resting, for example, on the clients shoulders. There is no pressure used, it is not a manipulative procedure.  It is safe and gentle for people of all ages and works along side medical treatments.  It is a powerful and effective way to help you.  If you have no health issues, you can have Reiki to relax, and to help reduce stress and worries.  People have commented that Reiki has helped various physical problems.  Reiki is for everyone, whether you are healthy or unwell.   Reiki helps if you are stressed, over tired, and in need of some time for yourself.

When I utilise Reiki energy, I use my intuition and the energy goes where it is needed.  Reiki also benefits the practitioner as well, because we are receiving the energy at the same time.  Reiki feels lovely, gentle and relaxing.  If you are wanting something of a spiritual nature then Reiki energy could help that come to you. Reiki assists in an individual way for what each person needs.

Reiki works on the human biology, and also on your chakras as well. It works on human biology and also animal biology as well, so your pets can benefit from having it too. I meditate when I do Reiki.  It is the healing energy which goes to someone when they have a treatment and promotes healing. I am a conductor of it.

Atoms that make up your body have spaces, which have ‘force fields’, and atoms continually give off and absorb light and energy. There is also the energy field around the human body as well. Your brain initiates energy when you think, and there are organelles called mitochondria in the body which are the powerhouses of cells. So, everyone has energy within them, and around them, and there is energy everywhere. And as I have already said, doing meditation changes the brain, increases synapse connections.  I believe that the meditation which I do, and have been doing for over twenty five years is healing, and produces healing energy, which can also be sent to another person.

It works on your biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology in your body, and also works on you spiritually.    It also works on energy channels and chakras in the body.   If they are blocked, moving too fast or too slow, having a Reiki session will unblock them, and bring the movement to a normal pace. The idea of energy channels and chakras is central to many Asian cultures, and is the basis of acupuncture and tai chi.

Reiki was founded in the late 1800’s by  Mikao Usui in Japan.  He was a Buddhist, however he had had studied many things including soto zen meditation, Buddhist teachings, Tai chi, and Qi Gong, Shintoism and Shugendo.  He was a  mature man, when after many years of research, training and studying of these various systems and Japanese religions, he began his own system which was later named Reiki.  When he started it, he simply called it, ‘my system’.  His system began as a self healing one. It was also a system for self enlightenment (satori), and personal growth.  He used it every day for his own health.  When he began to have pupils,  he also taught that it could be used to heal other people and he trained people to do this as well.  His pupils were also taught to meditate every day, and they were taught these principles a part of their training:

Just for today: Do not anger, do not worry, be humble, be honest in your dealings with other people and in your work, be compassionate to yourself and others.

And he taught mindfulness, living in the moment, which is also a part of Buddhism.  He eventually opened clinics for his method of healing.  He passed on his knowledge to at least 2000 students, and imperial navel officers of Japan. When he taught the navel officers, he introduced symbols to help them learn to do it easily. They used the symbols to began the energy work.

After he died, his system was brought to the west, first to America, by a lady, Hawayo Takata  in the 1970’s who was taught by one of his pupils Chujiro Hayashi who was a Naval Doctor.  Mikao Usui’s original system was altered in transition over the years, but his original system is now being taught again.

I have trained in his original system, including doing empowerments, and also have learnt western style attunements and I have been empowered and attuned to Master teacher level.  Reiki is taught in three levels. We learn how to feel the energy more deeply, to meditate on various energies, and learn about symbols we can use when meditating and when sharing Reiki with others.  Reiki is very versatile.  It can be used in many different ways, and it can be given to people in various ways.

Energy is within us all and it is all around us.  Every time you think, you are using and initiating energy within you. So think about healing your own health. Think about your health problems becoming less painful and the symptoms alleviating. Think about caring for yourself, and others. Think about being healthy, and happy.  Reiki Blessings.

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