People comment on seeing colours when they have Reiki, I see purple often when I do utilise Reiki energy for myself, or have it at a Reiki share.  Some people say they feel warmth from the practitioners hands, or tingling, for a short time.  Sometimes people feel emotional afterwards, if the session has brought things to the surface.  Some people say they feel like they are floating- I have had this experience myself. I have felt the energy, and people who I have done Reiki for, have said they have felt the energy.  But, you may not feel any of these things and the life energy will still be working for you.

You will feel deeply relaxed, and calm. Reiki is soothing and people say it feels wonderful and  gentle.  Reiki helps if you are stressed, run down, over tired, and anxious or worried.  It helps you to let go of tension and anxieties, and negative feelings.  It lifts your spirits.  If you have medical conditions or pain symptoms, try a Reiki life energy session.

Afterwards drink some water and avoid caffeine and alcohol for the rest of the day if possible.  Reiki is deeply relaxing so take time to ‘wake up’ before driving.

Having a Reiki healing energy session with myself could help with a lot of different things, if you are ill or in pain, try it, the energy will do what it can for you.  It works at different levels, and in different ways for each person.  It is an individual experience, depending on what you need.

People with any medical conditions and pain difficulties, can benefit from Reiki, anyone can try it.  There are no contra-indications to it.

Pregnant women can have Reiki and babies and children. (under 18 years old must have parent or guardian present and signed consent). It is good for all ages and people in any circumstances can have Reiki.  If you are unable to travel due to disability or illness, you could have a mobile session in your own home. You could have a Reiki session in groups of two or more people together.  I can also come to hospital if you are in hospital or know someone who is in a hospital, and wants to have a session to try Reiki life energy.

If you have an injury, are in pain, or need help to recover from illness.  People have commented on Reiki helping their injuries to heal, helping to ease pain, and easing various muscle problems such as back pain, and also arthritis.  Results cannot be guaranteed but I encourage people to try it for themselves.  As I did, I do Reiki for myself every day, and this is because I have felt, and experienced wonderful results.

Good things can happen straight away, within a week, or it could take a course of sessions to experience the full beneficial effects.  The effects of Reiki are cumulative.  I would advise 4-6 sessions for a particular issue.  It is good to continue having Reiki, perhaps each month or as often as you feel you want to.

It works along side medical care and anyone having medical treatment would continue with their treatment as advised by their doctor.

Reiki Time

1. When stressed or anxious
2. When tired or have insomnia
3. When affected by illness or disease
4. When injured in some way
5. When feeling low
6. When in need of spiritual uplifting
7. When you want some me time
8. When you are struggling to get better
9. When you need a pick me up
10. When you feel low in energy
11. When you are overworked
12. After an operation, to assist recovery quicker
13. To continue spiritual development and growth
14. For general health improvement
15. For general health maintenance

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