Distant healing this weekend 9/10th Sept

Distant healing today pay 10 mins £5, 20 mins £10, 30 mins £15, 1 hour £30, pay via paypal, by simply clicking the link below and texting me a date and time you would like to book and your name, Sheila 07954 192916

Bournemouth and Poole

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I’m in Poole and Bournemouth area now until the 15th September, ring/text to book holistic therapies and reiki training, I’m enjoying the beautiful coastline, amazing sunny weather and the clear sea and lovely beaches. If you would like to know more about Reiki or would like to book an Indian head massage or chakra balancing, or a combination of therapies. Ring 07954 192916/text me.

This weekend I am cycling in Bournemouth but I do have some appointments up to 9 pm tonight so treat yourself this weekend in the comfort of your own home.

For release from any worries and fears today

To help find release from any worries and fears today:

Just for today, I will not worry…

Kenyoku, dry bathing

In Japan, at the entrance to a temple, people cleanse themselves with water before entering. This is a method of cleansing using energy instead of water. It helps to release your negative energy, which is often in the from of worries, anxieties, stress, negative thoughts and emotions.

Sit down comfortably and close your eyes, with your right hands fingertips, slowly, touch your left shoulder, and go from your left shoulder in the air, above and across your body, to your right hip, breathe normally, and listen to your breath.

With your left hands fingertips, touch your right shoulder, and go from your right shoulder, in the air, above and across your body, to your left hip.

Again, with your right hands fingertips touch your left shoulder, and go from your left shoulder, in the air and above, across your body, to your right hip.

Then, with your right hands fingertips touch your left shoulder and trace a line down your arm to your fingertips, and brush off into the air from your fingertips.

With your left hands fingertips, touch your right shoulder, and trace a line down your arm to your fingertips, and brush off into the air from your fingertips.

And then repeat again, with your right hands finger tips touch your left shoulder and trace a line down your arm to your fingertips, and brush off into the air from your fingertips.

This is called dry bathing. It is a reiki way to release worries and fears, and to release holding onto them. 

After you have done this twice, you could sit still with your eyes closed for a couple of minutes relaxing.

Dry bathing can be done any time, once or twice a day is fine.

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Painting on rocks

I have been painting on rocks this week and have done 3 up to now and nearly finished 5 with another just started and it is so much fun, I am really enjoying it. It is surprisingly easy to paint on them as well and of course because you are only doing a small part of a painting, it is a lot quicker to finish than a painting. I have been painting animals, birds and acquatic creatures on them.

Reiki in Cornwall

Couldn’t manage to get this to link in properly, but if you click onto it, it will take you to a facebook live.

Hey, in Cornwall, swimming, meditating, Reiki, Reiki shares, teaching Reiki, sitting on the beach, have reiki on your favourite beach if you like, haha, wouldn’t that be great, sat on a beach in the sunshine, having a reiki session, with it being a lovely sunny summer, although it is raining this morning, we could have a reiki share or a reiki session in your garden if you would prefer an appointment outdoors, I am mobile to your home/work/or arrange an appointment at your favourite beach.

Well, I won’t need to water the vegetables or plants today, they are getting plenty of rain this morning, so it will just the ones in the greenhouse to do. So glad to see the rain this morning, but hoping it will turn sunny this afternoon. I went to Carne beach yesterday, wow it is beautiful, lovely clear sea.

Swimming in cold water

I have been swimming in the sea in Falmouth today, Maenporth beach, which is a lovely clear water beach with a cafe, toilets and car park right at the beach. The water was very cold but I do believe that having a dip or a swim in cold water is good for you, but best when it is sunny and you don’t get too before or after. Then back to the house and smoked haddock with new potatoes for dinner and a cup of tea.

Reiki in Cornwall

I’m in Cornwall for 2 weeks, enjoying the sunshine, the sea and Cornish pasties. Went to St Ives yesterday and bodyboarding at Porth Meor, not a lot of surfing going on but enjoyed the afternoon there. Going to Porth Pean today- Sunday for a dip in the sea there. Staying at a lovely house with a beautiful garden and 2 lovely cats.

Meditating in the garden and doing Hatsurei Ho in the sunshine. If anyone would like to hold a Reiki share at their house in Cornwall with their family or friends, give me a call, or to have Reiki appointment at your own house. Mobilie to you in Cornwall. To find out more, just give me a call/text to be sure of a quick reply. 07954 192916 Sheila

Arnold’s Monday Motivation

A few people sent me this collection of newspaper clippings going back more than 130 years where people said, “Things were better 50 years ago.”

from Arnold’s pump club, to subscribe to newsletter:

‘It turns out people say this in every decade, at least as far back as 1890. What’s going on here? Why do people always think life was better 50 years ago?

I have a theory.

When you don’t have a vision of the future, it’s easier to look back.

When you don’t have a vision, today doesn’t have much meaning because you don’t know why you’re here doing what you’re doing right now, and tomorrow is downright scary. Yesterday can seem nice and comfortable by comparison.

This is why, over and over again, I’m going to keep telling you to find your vision. I don’t want you to be one of these people staring back into the past because you can’t accomplish anything in the past, you can’t spend time with anyone in the past, and you sure as hell can’t find happiness in the past.

A vision gives you a reason to be here, doing whatever you’re doing. It makes you excited to wake up every day and keep moving forward. It gives life meaning.

Your vision can be to be the best teacher, nurse, doctor, firefighter, or electrician you can be. It can be to be the best dad, mom, or grandparent. It can be to be physically fit so that you’re there for your family as long as possible. It can be all of those things.

All that matters is that you think about it, you identify it, and you see it. Take some time today to sit down for a few minutes, figure out what your vision is, and then visualize yourself doing whatever it is you dream of. Play it like a movie in your head.

I guarantee you that movie is better than whatever was going on 50 years ago.’

It worked for Arnold, he had a vision, a positive vision of what he wanted to do, something good for himself and he also helped his friends as well and helped other people when he was able to. I subscribe to Arnold’s Pump Club and this is where this Monday motivation is from. Thanks Arnold.

Working in Cornwall from June 22nd to July 7th

Hi, Well I am away again, this time to Cornwall for 2 weeks, but it is a working holiday, so if anyone would like to have Reiki while I am in Cornwall or train in Reiki, do get in contact. I am a Reiki practitioner and teacher, Usui ryoho reiki.

Summertime fitness

The summer is a great time to be outside more and get fitter and healthier. Going swimming, cycling, walking. There are lots of outdoor sports to do in the summer, tennis, bowls, skipping, yes skipping, very good for you. When I think about how much skipping I used to do as a child, it must have helped me stay fit in the middle school. I need to get my skipping rope out of the cupboard and start using it again. Well, I go body boarding in the sea, there are plenty of waves to catch in Cornwall. Gorgeous beaches and we are going to hire some bikes to ride as well so that will be good exercise. It’s good to go to different beaches, some where you can go body boarding and others that are calm for swimming in and cooling down in the hot sun.

It’s 19th June today, and the sun is shining, it’s very warm outside. Yesterday I had a swim at a health spa I am a member of and that was great and a good way to cool down. Hopefully this week it will stay nice and warm so I can go in the sea. I never learnt how to surf but I can body board very well. It’s good to have some sort of exercise you can do that you enjoy. Unfortunately I don’t live very near to the sea and so it means a drive of some sort to get to any beaches. I was in Norfolk recently and went on the beach there one day and in the sea and after that, the weather changed and it was too cold to go on the beach. But now hopefully we will have good weather until the winter.