Reiki Benefits

Reiki is very versatile to use. It is good for self healing and there are several methods of self healing which one is taught at first degree on my courses. I teach Usui Reiki Ryoho which is as close to the way that Usui did it himself as we can be. To follow the way he originally practised Reiki. Self healing is important to Reiki and then we can also use Reiki for other people to help others, after level one, this can be for family and friends. After level two, it can be for the public as well. Level three is where we learn how to attune and give empowerments and learn Kotodama and many more symbols.

Reiki is good for health problems and for anxiety, stress, sleeping problems, spiritual development and for many other things. It is safe to use alongside convention medical treatments. Many hospitals around the world are now bringing Reiki practitioners into the wards to help patients. Reiki is a natural method for relaxation, health and spiritual development. I am a big believer of things being natural and of natural methods of healing and health maintenance. It is much easier to maintain your health when you use natural methods which you can do each day and each week and fit these into your life and your schedules easily.

When you have an appointment for Reiki, you can have this sat down in a comfy seat or lying down and all you need to do is relax. You can have Reiki for one hour or more and many people drop asleep when they have this or feel deeply relaxed. You may see colours or feel warmth or cool, or tingling, but many people simply feel deeply relaxed and then afterwards appreciate the benefits that it brings to them. You can have an appointment at the same time as someone else such as a friend and Reiki with work at an individual level for each person for what each person needs.

The energy is able to come to you via distant connection also, to anywhere in the world. Reiki is very relaxing and the more you have it the more it will help you. So do connect with me whereever you are reading this post and you can have Reiki in person or via distant connection if you are not in my area.

When you learn Reiki the more you do it for yourself the more you will benefit and the more you will learn and know that Reiki is working for you, and also you will learn how to feel the energy and utilise it in different ways as your progress through each level of Reiki training and use it yourself. Reiki can be learnt at your own pace, so you are not under any pressure, you have the day or 2 days training day and have a manual to read and cds to listen to or mp3s, so after your intial training you continue with your development at a pace to suit you and can ask me for advice at any time.

Sheila Williams August 2022

Spiritual Counselling

If you would like someone to listen.  Talk in a non-judgemental environment, about worries and life’s difficulties.  I will intuitively ask questions  which  help you to think about your proboems and help you to reassess and find answers and options.  Using positive psychology methods and spiritual counselling techniques.

Spiritual counselling can include: chakra balancing, learning how to access intuition, become more attuned to your soul and listen to your inner voice more, be more in touch with your authentic self and your soul’s path.  Gain options through intuition and reduce stress and anxiety.  You could benefit from  meditation techniques or aromatherapy essential oils, which are blended to suit your emotions and health.  I practice energy healing which can be used for many different problems, mind, body and soul.

Advice and help for any problems which may be connected to your soul fragmenting or you may be feeling adrift or out of sync.  You may feel unable to make decisions and talking to someone about this could help along with many different spiritual counselling methods and ways for spiritual development.

Also I teach Usui Ryoho Reiki if you would like to learn how to relax, self heal, meditate and this also is good for spiritual development.

Spiritual Winter by YiYe Zhang

A Spiritual Winter can be very hard on our resources. Yet, at the same time, it provides us with a rare opportunity to answer the calling that we didn’t even know we had before.

In a time of trauma, what we can learn from Winter is to immerse into the dark. In the darkness, we suspend our everyday mentality, we incubate. Our Soul resets and reclaims our intrinsic rhythms, like going back to the womb. 

The divine light, that we consciously understand, pours out from heaven – the above.

💙 But here, in Spiritual Winter, it is a different type of light from what we used to know. It rises from the below. Fire within Water. Like a blue flame emerges from the darkness, spontaneously and potently.

How To Truly Nourish Your Soul In A Challenging Time by YiYe Zhang

How To Truly Nourish Your Soul In A Challenging Time

✍🏻️ Like anyone who loves this world deeply and painfully, in recent years, I struggled with my practice of writing and art. With a heavy heart, on many occasions I could barely string a few sentences together.

Any challenging episode is like a spiritual, metaphorical Winter.

Chaos disrupts, yet simultaneously, it invites us to re-adopt the beginner’s mindset and fresh eyes, take a long journey to follow our roots, and deepen our craft, as a way to tend our spiritual garden.

🙏🏻 In the middle of the fertile void, perhaps a part in us can feel that the Dao is always present.

Sometimes, suffering and limitation become the agents of transformation.

If we willingly allow ourselves to enter the unknown, reaching down to our inner core, relinquishing our resistance to our deepest reservoir, we can find ourselves again – as a more nuanced and complete version.

After you have experienced breakdown of wholeness, after you’ve survived the chaos and crisis, after you’ve reintegrated yourself from the stone and cave, you are returning to wholeness in a different way.

And in this new episode of the Soul Medicine series, we’ll look into how to embrace our Dao and 5 ways to truly nourish our Soul during spiritual Winter.


Your authentic best self by YiYe Zhang

 Your best self knows your deepest calling, it reminds you of what you’ve long forgotten and who you really are.

When anxiety, timidity or despair become the collective habitual patterns, it’s important to calm our emotional body and lift our Spirit, individually and collaboratively.

🌷 The more of us who gather the scattered spirit, the more collective memories will be transformed into the nutrients which are required to heal our human realm.

So that we can revive from stagnancy, restore the rhythm of our nervous system and transform the trauma-muddled memories.
As difficult experiences turn into wisdom at the individual level, the hard-won lessons are then illuminating the collective consciousness to entice the divine light to be reborn.

Our best self is always present, just that the journey itself is not a straight line. 

✨ Your best self is always calling: calling you to rise up and grow, to curl up and heal, to explore and transform, to guide and inspire.

When conflicts are heightened in recent times, angered and scarred, people are lonely and depleted. We stumble and wobble – it can be a real struggle to stay present with the raw emotions, let alone becoming a real help.

💐It may feel that whatever we do is too insignificant.
However, please know that every time you are interested in the person right in front of you or one screen away, when you are not rushing to conclusions but give space to hear their story, when you see the world through their heart, you are contributing to wholeness.


Your Soul Purpose by Dr Linda Gladbois via linked in

Many people have trouble understanding what their “soul’s purpose” is in being born into a physical body that often seems governed by emotional impulses and animal instincts, where life seems to be happening to us instead of being created by us, yet our “true soul” is our higher mind which has the innate ability to master and govern our lower nature in order to exercise our ability to use our life experiences as the means of growing ourselves based on the internal processes set in motion by what appears as external circumstances that are actually providing us with a mirror into our own hidden nature . . . #soul #karma #selfmastery #selfcreation #transcendence #ascension #selfdevelopment #personaltransformation

Who am I

I want to share with you one of the questions that almost all of us have asked. The question is “Who am I?”

It’s a simple question but it has an infinite massive answer which cannot be simply described in our linguistic language that we can fully understand.

Who am I is a massive expansion of expression on this earth that is based on an individual’s experiences.

Whatever you define WHO AM I is, is truth for you at this level, at this moment of time. It can not be wrong. If you resist it, it becomes stronger.

I invite you to acknowledge it and celebrate it if it empowers you, but if it’s something that is in the way of you becoming the best you can be, transformation work or internal work is recommended to shift the blindspots of the subconscious so that you can have the clarity of your paths to propel forward and experience love, joy, and happiness.

written by

The effect of distant reiki on pain in women after elective Caesarean section: a double-blinded randomised controlled trial 

Research using distant reiki to reduce pain following an elective C-section, randomised, double-blinded study, Results found  pain was not significantly different in the distant reiki and control groups,  no significant differences in opioid consumption or rate of healing; however, the distant reiki group had a significantly lower heart rate post surgery.

Although I thought this was disappointing, there are many different ways to send distant reiki and some are most likely more effective than others, so in this respect there would need to be more research using different techniques. Reiki practitioners also vary in their methods and training, so this indicates more research is required. It could be that this particular practitioners method was very good for relaxation but not for healing or pain relief.

Pranic Healing

Pranic means life force and the aim is to bring balance to the energy flow within the body.  When giving a treatment the Prantic healer first scans the body without touching, by sweeping their hands over it, about a foot or two away from it, to see if they can sense energy blockages or imbalances.  When they find an area that they want to work on, they work on that area and remove the negative energy.  When that is gone they send fresh life force energy to the body to bring health and positive energy to it.  They draw this energy from the sun, air, earth, trees, and other things in nature.  When this restortation happens in the body, it releases any negative emotional charge along with any dark energies that can cause disease.  

The benefits of pranic healing are: it reduces stress, anxiety and depression, it boosts self confidence, it helps to decrease panic attacks,  phobias and social anxiety.  It helps remove negative blockages and brings the body into balance.  It is healing for physical problems.  It makes you happier and more content.  It assists sleep.  It improves your immune system.  It helps people be more energetic.  It is good for spiritual development.