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Sheila Williams

Personal data means any data capable of identifying a person, not anonymous data.

I process data from you, if you send an email, or message on social media, or via phone call, or text message, or or post.  This data is never sold or given to anyone else for any purpose without your consent.  It is used for communication purposes in respect of giving information and to enable customers to make appointments and buy goods and services.  Data includes any information you give me, such as name, address, telephone number, email address.  I may use this information to contact you about services.

You give me your personal data when you fill in forms, send emails, contact me via post, or phone calls or text messages, and if you give data when you contact me via social media or post on my website.  Or if I have a newsletter to subscribe to (which I do not at the moment).  When you place an order for a training course, or make an appointment for a treatment.  And I may receive certain data from Paypal when you pay by paypal.  I do not take credit or debit card payments at the moment, when I do, the data given to me will be taken and processed in accordance with legal requirements.

I may need to disclose your data if asked by government bodies.

I only retain your data for as long as necessary to fulfil the requirements that it was given and to meet legal requirements.  If you train with myself, I will keep records of this and of which certificates were given, so that if someone loses their certificate and contacts me at a later date, I will know what course they have taken so as to issue a new one, and to maintain support for students.

If this website includes a link to another website or has a plug in or applications, then please read any other websites privacy policy.  Also when you click onto links this may enable third parties to collect data of which I have no control over.