Reiki Level Two Okuden £170  I recommend students take two months after their first course to become familiar with what they have learned before moving onto this Reiki level 2 course.  Or longer, depending on your personal journey.  The second level brings you further development for self healing, and healing of others so that as well as being more advanced in your knowledge, and understanding or Reiki, you can work as a practitioner for the public as well.  You learn how to work more intuitively with the energy at this level as well.

All training can be taken flexibly, at dates and times to suit you.  Training will be either individually or in a small group.  Usual start time is 10.00 am, and finish at 6.00, but this time is flexible and could be afternoon and evening instead of morning and afternoon if you prefer.  

There is pre-course work of 8 hours before the training days which includes meditation and learning.  But the training days are not like taking an exam, they are mainly practical in nature and your Reiki learning continues after these days because we are always learning, and you have the support of your teacher for  life.

Phone 07954 192916 to arrange the date.  You can make a deposit to secure your place via paypal, or by bank transfer, please phone me to arrange to pay by bank transfer.

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