white water lilliesVeronica Ryan 29/11/2018

I have just had my very first session of Reiki Distance Healing and I feel great. Calm, relaxed and kind of level! Maybe more will happen over the next day or two. I certainly recommend Reiki Life Energy Practioner.

Joanna Wild-Bridges 24/10/2018

Your energy have filled me with so much positivity I can’t thank you enough xxx

June Backhouse 13/4/2018

On Saturday I had an hour Reiki Session with Sheila Ann but I’ve waited for a few days to write this because not all benefits are instantly apparent!

However, the immediate benefits were feeling calm and relaxed yet, at the same time, being really energised and my body felt light –I hadn’t realised before that I had felt “heavy”.
Since then, my sinuses are clearer and a problem with a tight, painful bicep has lessened – my arm is reaching much further down my back in the shower!💕💕

Definitely worth having.

Tracey Smith 10/4/2018

Felt very relaxing had a good sleep Sheila a lovely lady


Guided Meditation For Peter MacCauley over the phone- May 2019
I had contacted Sheila for some advice regarding having some healing treatment.
Since my work has taken me away from the local area, Sheila suggested a guided meditation.
This would be done remotely. I was a bit sceptical.  However, this was the most wonderful and relaxing session. The feeling of complete relaxation was all encompassing.  Conversely, but very helpful for me, it was also very reviving and rejuvenating.  It did feel like a flow of strength had come through my body.
Give it a try, you will not be disappointed. I am having another session soon.