Reiki  mobile to you £40 for an hour within 5 miles of Wakefield,

6 -30 miles, one hour £45- £55     For further afield please ring.

Book a package of 6 Reiki one hour sessions and save £30.  

Reiki Level one, two and three training is now available see menu, can be done via distant learning also.

If you are not in the UK, or are not in Yorkshire, and you would like to have distance healing.  Please email me.   You can have the healing either by sitting or lying down and booking a particular time if you would like to do that, or by just having your usual day, and the healing will come to you at some point during your day. I would need your name(s) and if possible a photo(s) to help the connection, which you can send via pm on facebook.   

Other Holistic Treatments and meditation 

Head Massage, includes neck, shoulders upper back and arms, and face, one hour. £30 in Wakefield area, for further afield, please ring for a price

Rose Quartz Crystal Wand facial. Using rose essential oil, and rose water, combining facial massage with with rose quartz crystal wands, to nourish, stimulate cell renewal, healing, while promoting a feeling of wellbeing.

rose wand2

Full body Swedish massage, £45 in Wakefield, full body lasts one hour, outside of Wakefield, ring for price.

Full body aromatherapy massage £45 in Wakefield, requires consultation and essential oils blended to suit, for outside of Wakefield, please ring for price.

Guided Meditation £20, one hour, mobile to your home or social group,  or over the telephone, for further afield please ring for a price, also available for groups.  Relaxation exercises are included at the beginning before we start the meditation.  Good for relaxation and self healing.  Beneficial for stress relief, living in the moment, and anxiety reduction.

Guided Meditation £20, one hour, as above, but focusing on confidence building as well. (outside of Wakefield, please ring/email for a price)

Guided Meditation £20, one hour, as above, but focusing on being more mindful. (outside of Wakefield, please ring/email for a price)

Guided meditation in your own home, with a one-to-one session, or with a small group of friends, so you can learn how to do this healing method for yourself.  Or over the telephone.  Have guided meditation on a one-to-one basis, helps you much more than going to a large groups where you have no direct support and guidance.  I have been meditating for over twenty  five years.  It is a natural healing modality.  In research meditation has been found to relieve stress, reduce worrying, is relaxing and good for pain relief.  If you would like to have a session with a friend or in a group this can be arranged also.

It has been scientifically shown that meditation increases brain function, synaptic connections and gray matter in the brain, and has been shown to lower pain sensitivity. Regular meditation increases melatonin that may enhance the immunity system. It is also theorised that changes in the brain may lead to enhanced awareness and control of emotional experience, (Holzel et al, Coker, Massionet et al). It is also believed to be healing for the body.  (


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