As natural as the sea and the sky.  Reiki and Holistic Therapy.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, with Mikao Usui lineage.  Treatments in Wakefield or mobile to your home in the Wakefield area, or anywhere in Yorkshire, and the rest of UK.  

If you have health problems, stress, or illness – try it and you could be amazed by the results.  It helps to alleviate worries, stress and tiredness.  It is spiritually uplifting.  People comment on many different benefits from it.

You can have a treatment if you feel ‘run down’ and want a pick me up.  If you have a specific health problem or illness,  try a Reiki treatment.  There are no side effects.  There are no contra indications.  The session is carried out with the client fully clothed, and the practitioners hands, gently resting,  for example, on the clients shoulders. There is no pressure used. it is not a manipulative procedure.  It is safe and gentle for people of all ages and works along side medical treatments.  It is a powerful and effective way to help you.  If you have no health issues,you can have Reiki to relax, and to help reduce stress and worries.  People have commented that Reiki has helped various physical problems.

Reiki  in Wakefield.  £40 hour. 

£55 for one and half hours.

£75 for two hours.

£50  Reiki with positive affirmations.  Reiki could help if you are you struggling with self confidence.  Having a Reiki session along with positive affirmations could help.  Together we make a list of affirmations, with the help of Dr shad Helmstetter’s best selling book ‘Self Talk’, then have a one hour Reiki session. When you are having the Reiki session, I will also send you the positive affirmations within the healing energy.  

Reiki  mobile to you £45 for an hour within 5 miles of Wakefield,

6 -25 miles, one hour £45- £55     For further afield please ring.

Book a package of 6 Reiki one hour sessions at my home in Wakefield for £210,  which saves you £30.  

Reiki Level one, two and three training is now available see menu 

You can have Reiki in your workplace.  Many companies are now offering Reiki for their employees so if you would like to arrange that please do contact me.

You can also have guided meditation in your own home, with a one-to-one session, or with a small group of friends, so you can learn how to do this healing method for yourself.  You can also have this at my home in Wakefield on a one-to-one basis or over the telephone.  Have guided meditation on a one-to-one basis, helps you much more than going to a large groups where you have no direct support and guidence.  I have been meditating for over twenty years.  It is a natural healing modality.  In research meditation has been found to relieve stress, reduce worrying, is relaxing and good for pain relief.  If you would like to have a session with a friend or in a group this can be arranged also.

If you are not in the UK, or are not in Yorkshire, and you would like to have distance healing.  Please email me.   You can have the healing either by sitting or lying down for half hour or an hour, and booking a particular time if you would like to do that, or by just having your usual day, and the healing will come to you at some point during your day. I would need your name(s) and if possible a photo(s) to help the connection, which you can send via pm on facebook.   Pay via paypal or cash if in person.

Traditional style Reiki is very effective.  I use it every day for myself, and you can have healing treatments, and also learn how to use this healing method for yourself too.  I would like the opportunity to share it with you.  Ring with any questions. I am a Reiki Master.  I am a professionally trained Beauty and Holistic therapist, and I have a degree in Psychology.  I have  been meditating for over twenty years.

Other Holistic Treatments and meditation 

Head Massage, includes neck, shoulders upper back and arms, 45 mins. £25 at a venue in Wakefield or mobile within 5 miles), for further afield, please ring for a price

Back massage or full body Swedish massage, or legs and feet,  £15/£30 at a venue in Wakefield , full body lasts one hour.

Back or full body aromatherapy massage £18/£35 at a venue in Wakefield, requires consultation and essential oils blended to suit. Or simply using lavender or sandlewood £15/£30 

Guided Meditation £20, one hour, in Wakefield or mobile to your home or social group,  or over the telephone, for further afield please ring for a price, also available for groups.  Relaxation exercises are included at the beginning before we start the meditation.  Good for relaxation and self healing.  Beneficial for stress relief, living in the moment, and anxiety reduction.

Guided Meditation £20, one hour,as above, but focusing on confidence building as well. (outside of Wakefield, please ring/email for a price)

Guided Meditation £20, one hour, as above, but focusing on being more mindful. (outside of Wakefield, please ring/email for a price)

It has been scientifically shown that meditation increases brain function, synaptic connections and gray matter in the brain, and has been shown to lower pain sensitivity. Regular meditation increases melatonin that may enhance the immunity system. It is also theorised that changes in the brain may lead to enhanced awareness and control of emotional experience, (Holzel et al, Coker, Massionet et al). It is also believed to be healing for the body.  (


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If you would like Reiki healing, Reiki training, or meditation training and you are outside of  the Yorkshire area, do contact me to discuss.  Reiki training can be conducted via Skype, with empowerments/attunements to be done in person, you will need someone to work with for the training.  Distant connection Reiki healing is possible- please contact to arrange.  Meditation training can also be done via Skype and over the telephone.