Working in Cornwall from June 22nd to July 7th

Hi, Well I am away again, this time to Cornwall for 2 weeks, but it is a working holiday, so if anyone would like to have Reiki while I am in Cornwall or train in Reiki, do get in contact. I am a Reiki practitioner and teacher, Usui ryoho reiki.

Summertime fitness

The summer is a great time to be outside more and get fitter and healthier. Going swimming, cycling, walking. There are lots of outdoor sports to do in the summer, tennis, bowls, skipping, yes skipping, very good for you. When I think about how much skipping I used to do as a child, it must have helped me stay fit in the middle school. I need to get my skipping rope out of the cupboard and start using it again. Well, I go body boarding in the sea, there are plenty of waves to catch in Cornwall. Gorgeous beaches and we are going to hire some bikes to ride as well so that will be good exercise. It’s good to go to different beaches, some where you can go body boarding and others that are calm for swimming in and cooling down in the hot sun.

It’s 19th June today, and the sun is shining, it’s very warm outside. Yesterday I had a swim at a health spa I am a member of and that was great and a good way to cool down. Hopefully this week it will stay nice and warm so I can go in the sea. I never learnt how to surf but I can body board very well. It’s good to have some sort of exercise you can do that you enjoy. Unfortunately I don’t live very near to the sea and so it means a drive of some sort to get to any beaches. I was in Norfolk recently and went on the beach there one day and in the sea and after that, the weather changed and it was too cold to go on the beach. But now hopefully we will have good weather until the winter.

Self Healing Meditation

Whatever meditation you do. You can use this meditation to heal yourself at the same time. This is also one of the ways you can heal yourself with Reiki and meditation. So begin your meditation, this could be in whatever way you do it usually and at the same time, begin a connection to your own healing energy and Reiki energy, allow it to build up and just sit in this healing energy for as long as you meditate. I have been meditating for over 30 years and do believe that many methods of meditation help us to heal as well physically as well as being relaxing and reducing stress. The meditation I do also helps me to live in the moment and reduce worrying.

Usually I sit and make sure I am sitting comfortably, but when you meditate you don’t need to sit cross legged on the floor or have any particular posture, unless you want to. You can sit comfortably as you wish and close your eyes and relax. For Reiki meditation, I make an intention for the Reiki energy to flow and my own energy and sit and relax in the energy with my eyes closed and just being aware of the sound of my breath. Breathing as normal, but just hearing the sound of my breath and any noises from the environment and not thinking purposely about anything. Let any thoughts go by like clouds passing in the sky and just relax in a space of healing energy.

Hatsurei Ho

I have done a facebook live of Hatsurei Ho, which may be a shortened version of it. Click the link to go to facebook page and watch it, you can follow the exercises along with me. And can do it whether you are trained in reiki or not. This exercise is good for release of tension, stress, anxiety and for relaxation and enhancing your reiki practice. If you watch it, or listen and follow it, it would be great if you could send me some stars in return. Enjoy your day.

Is there scientific evidence for chakras?

Margaret M Moga of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapol has been conducting research and analysing research on chakras and energy healing and various other interesting subjects, ‘ In this narrative review, anatomical and physiological evidence in support of chakras as scientifically detectable structures is examined. Although there have been few scientific studies of the chakras, evidence suggests that chakras may emit electromagnetic radiation and be associated with underlying nerve plexuses.’

In this review she identifies relevant research on chakras and also concludes that

‘The biofield, of which chakras are part, is based on

bioelectromagnetics and biophysical fields that play a regulatory role in cellular structure

and function (Movaffaghi and Mohammad, 2009)’, which means that chakras have a biological and chemical method and function and if this is true are part of our human biology.

Many people have experiences when they work on their chakras or meditate on them such as seeing colours or feeling energy or heat. And when she has finished the research she is doing on this topic, I will be looking forward to reading it. So, if you are interested in reading more about the research she has done as I am, then click on to her website, and I will be posting about her research on my blog as well,

As I have a degree in Psychology with health and nutrition, as part of my studes at university I undertook research in my degree subjects. Prior to that I studied sociology at A level and degree level as well and read much research on social science issues. And so I am interested in reading research articles, post graduate thesis and keeping up to date with new research in subjects I am passionate about.

Looking forward to continuing this and sharing some of what I find with you.

Searching for Unicorns

I used to go to school with a lass who always said she was searching for unicorns. I think now that it is good to always try to find unicorns, dreams and things to make you smile, things to make you laugh and ways to find magic in your life and magic even in the bad times as well as the good. So I have not forgotten the girl who told me that she was looking for unicorns and whatever was happening that week at high school, she made me smile when she talked about this.

So try to find your unicorns, your wishes and dreams, things to make you smile, laugh and forget the difficulties that may be ensuing. And if you are finding it hard on your own to do this, then reach out to someone to others, to friends, or professionals like counsellors, reiki practitioners, and there is a lot of things that are helpful to lift someone up, like starting to paint, going to art classes, or simply buying some paper and paints and putting colour down onto the paper can be uplifting, or writing a journal and making lists of what you would like to do and start going through the list and if you can’t do exactly what you have on the list, then to do a similar thing to it. Going for walks and being out in nature is good for you too. Find things to enjoy every week and people to have a bit of a chat to, sounds simple but can work wonders.

Ten minutes visualisation for relaxation and stress reduction and ten mins Reiki together

Sit down comfortably. Close your eyes, I want you to imagine that you are walking along a beach, this could be a beach you know, or simply a stretch of sand, the sky above is a blue and bright, a spring day. To your right is the sea, it has small waves, the sea is clear glitters in the sunshine. Walk along the beach, the sand feels warm and soft under your feet, with every step, you feel more comfortable, and calmer. With every step, you can hear the noise of the waves, which is soothing, and feel a gentle breeze on your face. Walk along the beach, you can hear seagulls over head, and you can smell the sea air, and the sea weed along the shoreline. Continue walking along the beach, with each step, you are leaving the past behind you, with each step, you are releasing yourself from your worries, with each step you feel more relaxed. Continue walking along the beach, with each step you feel more confident, and stronger. As you do this, breathe normally, and listen to your breath. Walking along the beach, the sun shines on your face, and the warmth is soothing. Walking along the beach, you can hear the waves softly crashing to your right, over and over and over. Walking along the beach, there is only this moment of calm and comfort right now where everything is fine. After ten minutes, open your eyes, take time to ‘wake up’, especially if you need to drive anywhere, drink some water, enjoy the rest of the day.

Ten minutes reiki together:
Sit comfortably on a chair or settee, close your eyes, and place your hands, palms up on your knees, think of a golden light shining down on your, going down to your crown chakra. This light is going to go down around you, down through your third eye chakra, down through your throat chakr, down to your heart chakra, to your solar plexus chakra, to your sacral chakra, and to your root chakra. As this happens, they will open, and work efficiently for you. You will feel relaxed and calm. The reiki will sooth and help you release fears, worries, and anxieties. As you are enjoying this relaxation, breathe normally, listen to your breath, hear the sounds outside, and in your environment. Everything is fine in this moment, peace, kindness, happiness, joy, sharing, helping others, relax in this moment. After ten minutes, open your eyes, take time to ‘wake up’, especially if you need to drive anywhere, drink some water, enjoy the rest of the day.

Reiki via distant connection

Reiki is a very versatile energy and can be used/given/channelled/shared in many different ways. You do not need to be in the same room near to a practitioner to receive Reiki. Reiki can be ‘sent’ to someone from any distance. Reiki energy is everywhere including inside everyone and around us all and in the universe. So, when someone is channelling Reiki they ‘send’ it to the person and also there is Reiki energy around that person and that energy also goes to them, as well as this there is oneness, this means that we are all one and not separate, which comes from Bhuddism, This is quite difficult in some ways to grasp, because we are all unique individuals, and separate entitys, however, we are all human beings and all come from the universe and have Reiki energy within us, so we have an enormous amount of similarities and things in common. When a practitioner does distant connection healing, they merge with the recipient and as such could be said to become one with them, and feel this state of oneness when we do this, so at this time, it could be thought that there is no us and them, that we are both as one.

This February I am giving a discount of £10 for my discount connection Reiki, so £40 for one hour, which the recipient can have at any time of day, whatever they are doing, or they can book a certain time so that they can relax sit or lie down and rest while having Reiki. To book send an email if outside of UK or ring/email if in UK and I will send you details of how to pay prior to the appointment. A consultation form will be required to fill in. Quote ‘oneness’ for your discount.