Usui Reiki Ryoho level one

Usui Reiki Ryoho

Learn self healing and healing for friends and family, introduction to meditation, mindfulness, Reiki precepts, spiritual energy exercises,

You could start your reiki journey this spring. First degree, one to one training at same price as in a group.

Receive manual, cds, certificate. One day in person training

It’s good for spiritual development, which is an individual thing, but I give you some ideas of what this can mean on the day.  You learn  self healing and you can share reiki healing energy with family and friends.  There is an introduction to meditation and mindfulness, and the Reiki precepts.  You are given Reiki empowerments which help to improve someone’s connection to the energy and help you spiritually and for your spiritual journey, they also are good for the chakras as well.

Also on the day you learn how to feel the energy which is all around us and within us.  Learn how to self heal and some energy exercises/routines which you do sitting and thinking about things.  You don’t have to memorise anything, it’s all in the manual and on the cds, which I ‘sign post’ for you, where the healing exercises are in the manual as well.  So, level one is a lot about self healing and working on the self, and learning to feel the energy for yourself, and doing things which help you to feel it more, but you can also share Reiki with family and friends.  The self healing is for the physical but also for emotional and spiritual.  There is on going support and advice to do with Reiki as well.  The Level one is £160.  

Once someone has done the day course, you continue at your own pace, with what you learnt on the course.  The energy exercises and meditation can be done as it suits you, when you want to relax, or shut your eyes for a while or if you feel stressed or tired, then that is a good time to do them, or just when you want to relax for a bit.  Or anytime you feel like it.  So there is no pressure on the day or after it.

Usui Ryoho Reiki Level Two

I recommend students take at least two months after a level one course to become familiar with what they have learned before moving onto this Reiki level 2 course. The second level brings you further development for self healing, and healing of others so that as well as being more advanced in your knowledge, and understanding of Reiki. After level two you can work as a practitioner for the public as well. You learn how to work more intuitively with the energy and start using two new symbols, Seiheki and Honshazeshonen.

This event includes a manual, 2 cds, and certificate, there is some meditation exercises and reading for you to do prior to the online event. I post out a manual to your home address and tell you what you need to do for this.

When you book this event, I will need to send you a manual and cds via post, so I will require your address to post them to. Also, your certificate will be posted to your address.

Because this is one to one training, there is time to go through anything you have had difficulty with, and for questions. There are no tests and no need to make notes, everything is in the manual that you are sent. Very informal day so that we can relax, enjoy the day, refreshments as we need them.

Level Two

Find out how you have experienced the meditation exercises and self treatments that you have been doing.

Recap tandem and hatsurei ho together.

Reiju empowerment for chokuray.

Meditate on chokuray and give feedback.

Reiju empowerment for SeiHeKi.

Meditate on SeiHeKi and give feedback.

Use the two symbols on each other.

Reiju empowerment for HonShaZeShoNen

Talk about oneness.

Distant healing session.

Talk about intent.

Practice using intent in various ways, hands, body, eyes, intention on it’s own, where your thoughts go energy flows,

Talk about working intuitively with Reiji ho.

Practice using Reiji ho on each other.

Feedback and conclusion recap Looking forward to working with you and helping you in your spiritual journey, Sheila Williams

Recent Review

‘I would just like to share this beautiful ladies reiki service that I have had the honour of recently taking part in. Sheila was so kind and accommodating to me she made the day fun and relaxing at the same time, gave me empowerments and attunements to be able to realise for myself that I had the power to channel many energies and heal myself and others. I would highly recommend this service to others as a reiki course, it was simply magical and life changing.’ M.C.