Wearing Masks was written during Lock down in the UK 2020. It focuses on two people who live on the same street and both are struggling in their own ways. Amy is coping with anxiety and loss, and Alan is also coping with loss, stress and both adjusting to lockdown safety measures. How will their lives interact in the middle of all this and what problems will they have and how will they help each other?


Jessica, a Reiki practitioner, moves to St Ives, in Cornwall for a new start and a new business. She had no plans for anyone new in her life, and no plans for any romance, but one thing leads to another.


An ebook of seventeen spiritual poems, about spirituality, love, loss, and grieving for loved ones departed.


Spiritual and paranormal events which people have experienced and that have stayed in their memories for years after. People have had been visited by relatives in spirit which has been comforting and helpful. Others have shared frightening and strange experiences. Some people have experienced paranormal events for many years and there are those who say they grew up in haunted houses.