Searching for Unicorns

I used to go to school with a lass who always said she was searching for unicorns. I think now that it is good to always try to find unicorns, dreams and things to make you smile, things to make you laugh and ways to find magic in your life and magic even in the bad times as well as the good. So I have not forgotten the girl who told me that she was looking for unicorns and whatever was happening that week at high school, she made me smile when she talked about this.

So try to find your unicorns, your wishes and dreams, things to make you smile, laugh and forget the difficulties that may be ensuing. And if you are finding it hard on your own to do this, then reach out to someone to others, to friends, or professionals like counsellors, reiki practitioners, and there is a lot of things that are helpful to lift someone up, like starting to paint, going to art classes, or simply buying some paper and paints and putting colour down onto the paper can be uplifting, or writing a journal and making lists of what you would like to do and start going through the list and if you can’t do exactly what you have on the list, then to do a similar thing to it. Going for walks and being out in nature is good for you too. Find things to enjoy every week and people to have a bit of a chat to, sounds simple but can work wonders.

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