Reiki for pets

If you have cats or dogs or any other animals, they do benefit from Reiki same as humans do. So if they are ill and you have studied Reiki you can do Reiki for them. Or you could send them Reiki every day/week whenever you think of it.

I am in South Yorkshire and if you want me to come and share Reiki with you, your pets or you and your pets together that is something that can be done as well. So, if you have not thought of having Reiki for you and your pet(s), then do consider it.

I have sent Reiki via distance also to cats and dogs and that is something that could be arranged if you are not anywhere near South Yorkshire.

Reiki works in exactly the same way for animals as it does humans. The last time I did Reiki for a cat, it was sat on it’s owner’s lap next to me on the settee and then jumped off the lap and went and stretched out on the back of the settee behind my head and I continued with the treatment with it lying there.

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