Tip to reduce stress

Tips to help reduce stress

Step 1 Make time to connect with nature. Improve your wellbeing by getting out of the house with a daily walk or bike ride in the great outdoors. Even if it’s cold, wrap up well and enjoy as much sunshine as possible. Even 15 minutes of daylight on your hands and face will help top up your vitamin D levels.

Exercise is good for for you in many ways, helps you to sleep better, boosts endorphins, happy feelings, sunshine boosts vitamin D levels which is good for keeping colds at bay and good for immune system. Make the most of any winter sunshine.
Step 2 Ensure that you get at least 45 minutes of aerobic exercise daily, either outside, inside online or at a sports centre. Remember that there are dance classes as well as sporty activities that can make it more fun. If you can’t manage 45 mins, do what you can, a little is good for you.
Step 3 Take time out for yourself to do things you enjoy and find relaxing.
Step 4 Practice relaxation and meditation daily.
Step 5 Try and get a good nights sleep. Go to bed early if you are tired. Essential oils are good for relaxation and to help sleep, lavender, frankinscense, marjoram are some oils which help sleep.

Always book with a qualified aromatherapist for an aromatherapy massage and make sure you read up on any contra-indications and method to usage if you are using essential oils by yourself.

Spiritual counselling

What is aromatherapy as it relates to spiritual counselling?

Aromatherapy is the use of essentail oils which can be burned for their scent to be inhaled or used combined with a base oil for massaging onto the skin or putting in the bath.  Essential oils go into the skin when they are used on the skin so their benefits can be profound.  With regard to spiritual counselling, there are oils which can be used to help connect someone to their soul more deeply, the scent of the oils resonates with our soul, there are essential oils which can be used to heal the soul and to help solve problems within it or the person’s spiritual journey,  there are essential oils with can assist spiritual growth and oils which can be used to help improve our emotional wellbeing.  Some oils help to manage one’s moods and part of this is our thoughts so they can help to relax and improve one’s emotions and thoughts from negative to positive, which is helpful to some people who come for spiritual counselling if they have anxiety or struggle to think positive.  Some oils help people be more spiritually open or to help them listen to the messages of the universe or their intuition.  So there are many oils which help in someone’s spiritual journey in various ways and help to reduce any problems which are a blockage to their journey and to reduce and assist problems in their life.

Aromatherapy can be combined with other spiritual counselling modes so it will boost their work/power as well.  A spiritual counsellor could make a blend of oils specially suited to the person’s particular needs and combine it with other modes of spritual counselling, so the person can use the oil at home, or it can be used which having the other modes of counselling.  For example some counsellors have the oil burning or diffusing which they are doing the counselling.