Having a Reiki treatment and self care via Reiki for relief from stress

I believe that stress is an emotion, all emotions create chemicals in the body and the chemical which stress ‘produces’ is cortisol. If someone is repeatedly feeling stressed this will continually produce cortisol in the body which has negative effects. The physical feeling that stress produces is tiredness. So if you feel tired a lot and don’t know why it could be caused by stress that you are having. It is of course a good idea to reduce the reasons for stress in your life so that you feel better in the long term and are able to enjoy life more.

Reiki can help alleviate stress by:

  1. Giving you a space to relax and feel calm within and an opportunity to relax during your day or week. And if it is a reiki session you are having with a reiki practitioner, then it is a booked time for you to switch off, close your eyes and allow the practitioner to create a space of calm and relaxation for you. Somewhere you can escape your daily problems and just take some time out for self care and to recouperate.
  2. Helping the body to heal itself. Our body will heal better when in a relaxed state, our muscles are a good example of this, when you feel stressed often our muscles become tense in one part of the body or another, and results in pain and discomfort, when we are able to relax, this tension is alleviated and the pain diminishes and the muscles can heal instead of becoming worse.
  3. Helping sleep. Reiki aids sleep and our body recovers and repairs during sleep. It is always repairing itself, but we do need to sleep for our body to function well, and to sleep enough and to sleep well. So Reiki can help reduce stress by helping us to sleep better and get a better nights sleep.
  4. By eliminating blockages. Reiki eliminates blockages in our energy system. Stress can create blockages in our energy system which reiki helps to eliminate blockages so that energy can flow normally.
  5. Reiki can help to lift the spirits and enable us to feel more able to cope with any difficulties which we may have.

These are a few examples of how reiki helps if someone is feeling stressed, there are more ways which I wlll be talking about another day.

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