I am a qualified aromatherapist and have been using essential oils for about 27 years. They have many uses and properties. They don’t just smell great, they are good for your health and are used to help overcome illness, stress, menopausal symptoms for relaxation and to aid sleep and much more. Every oil has it’s own properties and usages and also have other oils which they combine and work well with. During an aromatherapy consultation an holistic approach is taken so that the oils chosen take everything into account about a person, emotion, physical and health issues and what someone wants to have aromatherapy for on that day. So one appointment one set of oils will be chosen and on another day, another set of oils could be chosen. As well as providing aromatherapy massages, I also provide aromatherapy consultations via email and then post out the blended oil so that the client can use it, good for clients who are not in my area and who don’t want to have a massage but would like to have oils or their own use blended specially for them rather then buying a generic oil blend in a shop.This is my essential oil set, ready for a customer to have a massage.

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