I started painting this year and am enjoying it. I have always liked drawing and used to draw a lot years ago. I am selling any paintings I paint so enquire if you are interested in any of them. They can be posted out to anywhere in UK. The two paintings that are ongoing are of a sunset seascape a field of lavender with butterflies . I am painting at the moment in acrylics, I didn’t feel that watercolour painting was for me but I do have some oil paints so I may try oil painting as well. I am painting for pleasure and for the experience and the therapy of painting and being expressive with colours and visually artistic. I like painting things that have movement and things that move but have been caught as if on camera while they are in motion such as butterflies and waves. I enjoy the way that acrylics are layered when you paint with them and you can paint as many layers as you want to make a painting how you want it and what you want to achieve with the colours. It is all a learning experience.

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