International Women’s Day Today

It’s International Women’s Day today, what have you done today? Have you celebrated somehow? There is a lot to celebrate… women’s progress… women’s accomplishments….women’s good ideas…. women’s art and writing…women politicians…

Or have you protested? Talked about it? Remembered the suffragettes and what they did for women? Have you remembered to taken time out to care for yourself or taken time out to care for your female friend or relative today?

What shall we do on International womens’ day? Fund raising for women’s issues or charities is something. Look for a virtual women’s event online or if there are any in person ones in your area is another. Are there any programmes on tv to watch about it? There was the Suffragettes film on yesterday but I have watched films before about it and so I didn’t watch this new film, but I have heard it is very good. I do think that there is a lot of women who don’t understand the inequalities and sexism that women in the past had to deal with and that many women still have to deal with this even in 2023.

When I think about it being International Women’s Day it make me sad it makes me happy both. Sad because of all that has gone on in the past and is still going on today to make womens’ lives difficult and happy because there has been much progress and that I hope there will still be much more progress for women and of course for men too and everyone else, whatever they identify as.

To look at what the United Nation’s is saying about it:

The United Nations is talking about women online and state that they are ‘calling on governments, activists and the private sector alike to power on in their efforts to make the digital world safer, more inclusive and more equitable.’  and I do agree with this.

Sky sports is celebrating women in sport.

Good Housekeeping is talking about women’s empowerment and the history of it. And they have some inspirations quotes about women’s empowerment. These are a couple I found I liked on there.

Manchester city council had a walk for women on Saturday 4th, I wish I had gone to it, but I didn’t know about it until today.

Waterstones says that International Women’s Day ‘is a global recognition of women’s achievements, with the aim of championing a better, fairer society for all.’

The University of Birmingham where I studied Sociology at degree level and it is a wonderful university, says that ‘To mark IWD, the University runs a diverse programme of events throughout March, focusing on women’s voices history and experiences.’

Whatever you are doing today, may peace, health and happiness be with you.

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