Is there scientific evidence for chakras?

Margaret M Moga of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapol has been conducting research and analysing research on chakras and energy healing and various other interesting subjects, ‘ In this narrative review, anatomical and physiological evidence in support of chakras as scientifically detectable structures is examined. Although there have been few scientific studies of the chakras, evidence suggests that chakras may emit electromagnetic radiation and be associated with underlying nerve plexuses.’

In this review she identifies relevant research on chakras and also concludes that

‘The biofield, of which chakras are part, is based on

bioelectromagnetics and biophysical fields that play a regulatory role in cellular structure

and function (Movaffaghi and Mohammad, 2009)’, which means that chakras have a biological and chemical method and function and if this is true are part of our human biology.

Many people have experiences when they work on their chakras or meditate on them such as seeing colours or feeling energy or heat. And when she has finished the research she is doing on this topic, I will be looking forward to reading it. So, if you are interested in reading more about the research she has done as I am, then click on to her website, and I will be posting about her research on my blog as well,

As I have a degree in Psychology with health and nutrition, as part of my studes at university I undertook research in my degree subjects. Prior to that I studied sociology at A level and degree level as well and read much research on social science issues. And so I am interested in reading research articles, post graduate thesis and keeping up to date with new research in subjects I am passionate about.

Looking forward to continuing this and sharing some of what I find with you.

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