Treatments/training/workshops via Zoom etc

Do you like doing everything in person, or do you like having any treatments, training or workshops via zoom/skype or telephone?

Many things that are done in person can be also carried out in these alternative methods. Especially if you are not in the same area as the practitioner/teacher, you can still see them, be training or treated by them. So alternative methods are useful. Reiki can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world so a zoom treatment would be good for this if you are not in UK. If you are in UK and not near me, then you could also have guided meditation via telephone as well as via zoom. Reiki training can be done via distance, with manuals sent via post/email, and using skype as well or zoom for some of the training. Spiritual counselling, usually done in one hour or more sessions, in person or via telephone if in UK, it can also be done via zoom in 30 mins sessions, for anywhere in UK or world. If you have a 30 mins zoom session, then I recommend that you have this to talk over things, and most likely a treatment plan/training plan will be done on your next 30 mins zoom session, with ‘homework’ given prior to that.

So you can choose how you want to have your training/treatments for some things. Of course things like massages and facials, manicures or pedicures, it needs to be in person! haha, some things you can’t do via internet or telephone.

For me the quickest way to book is the old fashioned way, via telephone,but I do understand that now people like also to book via internet, so, I do have a booking page with some dates of treatments and training on it. However, if you want to specify a particular date or time, then you need to ring or email in first instance.

Having Reiki via zoom is just the same as in person, you need to fill in a consultation form prior to the session, only if you have one via zoom, then the form will be sent via email to you and returned via email. What are your zoom experiences? It was funny when someone ended up with a cat head when he didn’t mean to do it and that was shown on tv. Hopefully, any zoom events will go smoothly for you, and of course the more you practice with them, the easier it gets, like with any new IT procedures. There is so much you can do now on the internet and having meetings and training on zoom is now common place. So, I hope there is something for everyone and to suit peoples’ needs.

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