What are your biggest Challenges this week?

When you have a long list of things to get done.  The best way is to make a plan.  List what you the work you need to do.  Prioritise what are the top three most important things that you need to do, and make sure you do them first.  If you think of anything that might be an obstacle for anything, then list options to overcome this.  Clear away clutter as you work, and tidy as you work, so that you don’t end up with a mountain of rubbish to clear away, or a mountain of washing up, or a mountain of paperwork to do, or a mountain of filing or forms to fill in.  If you have a pet hate, such as I do, mine is filling in forms. I hate filling in forms.  Don’t make my mistake and leave them, leave them, and hope that they disappear into thing air and I win the lottery before I have to bother with them.  Make a start as soon as you have one to fill in.  Make a start.  The sooner you start anything the sooner it can be completed, and the quicker it is out of your worry and work load.  Also, when you start to do anything, you can find out things that you need to look up, or questions you need to find answers to before you can finish whatever it is.  It is best not to  procrastinate, even though it is tempting to put things aside for as long  as you can get away with it.  The longer you leave things, the harder they may become, because when you first look at something that you need to do, you start to have ideas about how to do it. But if you put it aside, those ideas can become lost in time.  So make sure you get on with what needs doing as soon as possible, so that your good ideas and possible solutions are made the most of.

Take a break when you need to.  Sometimes problems that you are working on, need a bit of extra time. So take a break, have a drink, a walk, a chat on the phone with a friend, have lunch, wash up, put on a keep fit video for half an hour.  Then afterwards when you go back to the problem the solution may come to you with your fresh perspective and renewed energy.


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