Healing Energy and Illnesses

There is some confusion about whether Reiki is suitable to be used for people who are having medical treatments for their illness, and when is best to have Reiki is you have a disease or illness.

Reiki is beneficial at any time for any illness or disease, and their symptoms.  It is not necessary to wait until after your treatments have finished before starting to have Reiki sessions.  It is possible and beneficial to have Reiki along aside any medical treatments.  The healing energy will help as it can and won’t have any adverse effect on your medical treatments.  It is a good idea to have Reiki at any time, fit and healthy or when you have health problems.  The energy does what it can at any given time.  It heals to the extent it is possible in that instant, in that session and for the time that it persists after your Reiki session.  Reiki cannot harm.  There are no contra-indications to having Reiki.  hands and energy

Please don’t hesitate to have Reiki, if you are ill in any way.  It is the same as when you think about conventional medicine and treatments.  The quicker you have access to help, the better.  The sooner you give this natural energy the chance to help you, the sooner you will see results.

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