Focus and Intent (in short)


When people think about doing/giving/sharing Reiki they are not talking about switching it on, they are using their focus and intention. It is not a negative thing to use focus when thinking about Reiki. Yes, let us all try and follow the precepts 24 hours a day. Some people say reiki on, when they give/be reiki for someone, or hey might say, connect to reiki. This doesn’t mean that that person isn’t connected all the time to reiki, or that they aren’t their true self. Reiki means spiritually guided life force energy to me, life energy, soul energy, healing energy. It also is a way to find your true self, your inner being and your own natural way and intuition. Yes, let’s not forget the precepts and follow them every day.  The precepts are the essence of Reiki.

Just for today
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your dealings with people
Be compassionate to yourself and others


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