How Does Reiki Work

Reiki utilises a healing energy which works on various levels, the biological physical level for illnesses, health problems, pain and stress, overtiredness, the mental level for stress again and emotional upset, worries and the spiritual level. People often say that having and learning about Reiki has enriched their life.

Reiki works on the human biology, and also on your chakras as well. It works on human biology and also animal biology as well, so your pets can benefittoo. I do zen meditation when I do Reiki, which is healing in itself, and creates healing energy so that my Reiki healing uses universal energy which is everywhere, there is energy is everything and everyone, and Zen meditation healing energy as well. It is the healing energy which goes to someone when they have a treatment and promotes healing. I am a conductor of it.

Atoms that make up your body have spaces, which have ‘force fields’, and atoms continually give off and absorb light and energy. There is also the energy field around the human body as well. Your brain initiates energy when you think, and there are organelles called mitochondria in the body which are the powerhouses of cells. So, everyone has energy within them, and around them, and there is energy everywhere. And as I have already said, doing Zen meditation changes the brain, increases synapse connections, and it is believed produces healing energy, which can also be sent to another person.

Reiki works so that if someone has a health problem, an illness or an injury. The healing energy will promote healing in their body. It is a healing energy which assists the body’s own healing methods.


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