Spiritual Counselling

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Spiritual counselling can help to heal the soul and to help solve problems within it or the person’s spiritual journey, to assistspiritualgrowth and help improve emotional wellbeing. To help people connect to their intuition, hear it and listen to it, and so help them make decisions which are better for their life. Spiritual counselling can help in someone’s spiritual journey in various ways and help to reduce any problems which are a blockage to their journey and to reduce and assist problems in their life. To help someone to connect with their higherspiritualself. A part of this counselling could be energy healing for physical health problems. For spiritual develpment and to become more spiritual. For help with stress, difficulty sleeping, to help relax. Assist with confidence, creativity and wellbeing.
Appointments can be in person, over telephone, via zoom or skype.


How To Truly Nourish Your Soul In A Challenging Time by YiYe Zhang

How To Truly Nourish Your Soul In A Challenging Time

✍🏻️ Like anyone who loves this world deeply and painfully, in recent years, I struggled with my practice of writing and art. With a heavy heart, on many occasions I could barely string a few sentences together.

Any challenging episode is like a spiritual, metaphorical Winter.

Chaos disrupts, yet simultaneously, it invites us to re-adopt the beginner’s mindset and fresh eyes, take a long journey to follow our roots, and deepen our craft, as a way to tend our spiritual garden.

🙏🏻 In the middle of the fertile void, perhaps a part in us can feel that the Dao is always present.

Sometimes, suffering and limitation become the agents of transformation.

If we willingly allow ourselves to enter the unknown, reaching down to our inner core, relinquishing our resistance to our deepest reservoir, we can find ourselves again – as a more nuanced and complete version.

After you have experienced breakdown of wholeness, after you’ve survived the chaos and crisis, after you’ve reintegrated yourself from the stone and cave, you are returning to wholeness in a different way.

And in this new episode of the Soul Medicine series, we’ll look into how to embrace our Dao and 5 ways to truly nourish our Soul during spiritual Winter.