Guided Imagery

When I do guided mediation along with this is guided imagery, guiding clients during mediation to imagine and picture e.g. that they are walking along a beach or in a forest. I read this with interest about guided imagery and thought I would share it with you.

The following is guided imagery connected to psychology and cognitive behaviour therapy and it’s usages to help people recover from e.g. anxiety or post truamatic stress disorder.

Sometimes in the past, I have imagined situations with alternative endings to them, happier endings, more comforting endings than what actually happened. And although, it can not change the past, it did help me to feel better even thought nothing had actually changed except my emotions. I think it did help as well, to realise that sometimes what we feel about something that has happened that upsets us is more to do with our ideas and interpretations of it rather than the occurance itself, so if we imagine alternative happier outcomes, we can see sometimes that the differences are not so drastic, and maybe in turn that the event itself was not so drastic and we can feel differently about what has happened and be more accepting of ourselves and that we do not always make good decisions and forgive ourselves for this.

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