What happens in a Reiki healing treatment?

First of all, welcome if you are coming for Reiki with me.  I am a natural energy healing practitioner.  Reiki Master Teacher.  Mikao Usui Lineage.  Here I am going to explain what happens in a Reiki healing session.  I will explain to you what Reiki might feel like first of all.  People comment on seeing colours when they have Reiki. Some people say they feel warmth from the practitioners hands, or cool, or tingling, for a short time.  Sometimes people feel emotional afterwards, if the session has brought things to the surface.  Some people say they feel like they are floating.  But, you may not feel any of these things and the healing energy will still be working for you. You will feel deeply relaxed, and calm. It is quite common for people to drop asleep when they have Reiki.  If you have any questions, then do ask questions.  (I also do mobile treatments at clients houses.)

When you have Reiki, it is conducted fully clothed.  You can have Reiki lying on a therapy table or sat in a chair.  I normally conduct Reiki by gently placing my hands on areas such as head, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, areas such as chest, will be hands above the body and not touching.  If you would like to have a no contact session, do tell me.  The energy will still go to you and will still work for you.  The reason why I use contact, is so that since you are here, the contact is used to enable a strong connection with you for the energy to go to you. If I conduct a distant healing session, there would be no physical contact because of course this would not be possible. But when you have an in person healing session, it can make it easier for me to connect with you for the energy to go to you.

All you need to do is relax.  You don’t need to do anything during the session, just relax.  Usually people close their eyes, because this enabled you to relax easier.  Because I am not medically trained, I do not attempt to diagnose any health problems.  But I can tell you this, the natural healing energy is good for any health problems, and to assist recovery from illness or injury.  You can have healing energy alongside any medical treatments.

I will play some gentle relaxing music when you have your treatment.  When you have a healing energy session with myself, I will be meditating during this time. I have been doing Zen meditation for over twenty years, and this is something that is very good for your health and brain in many ways.

When the session is over, I will tell you to ‘come around’ slowly, since you may have been dosing off, or even fully asleep, and take your time.  It is a good idea afterwards to drink some water.  I will bring you a glass of water, and you can sit and drink it.  Reiki is deeply relaxing so take time to ‘wake up’ before driving. It works at different levels, and in different ways for each person. It is an individual experience, depending on what you need.  The energy is gentle, but effective.

People do ask if the therapist is affected by the energy when doing a healing session, or words to that effect.  And this is the answer: when I utilise the healing energy, I also benefit from it, and when doing Zen meditation during the treatment, I am also benefiting from that too.  The energy does not drain me, or make me tired.  I can do self healing for myself as well and carry out self healing every day for myself.

Thank you for choosing me to help you connect to healing energy, life force energy, and hope to see you again soon!  Please recommend me, so that I can reach other people and they can benefit too.

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