Reiki in Cornwall

Couldn’t manage to get this to link in properly, but if you click onto it, it will take you to a facebook live.

Hey, in Cornwall, swimming, meditating, Reiki, Reiki shares, teaching Reiki, sitting on the beach, have reiki on your favourite beach if you like, haha, wouldn’t that be great, sat on a beach in the sunshine, having a reiki session, with it being a lovely sunny summer, although it is raining this morning, we could have a reiki share or a reiki session in your garden if you would prefer an appointment outdoors, I am mobile to your home/work/or arrange an appointment at your favourite beach.

Well, I won’t need to water the vegetables or plants today, they are getting plenty of rain this morning, so it will just the ones in the greenhouse to do. So glad to see the rain this morning, but hoping it will turn sunny this afternoon. I went to Carne beach yesterday, wow it is beautiful, lovely clear sea.

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