Positive thinking

If you catch yourself saying something negative to yourself, say/think something positive and optimistic straight after, and contradict what you have said that was negative. Its best not to follow negative thoughts with more of them, follow each one with something positive.

A good habit to try to get into is- straight after every negative thought, think a positive thought. So that a negative thought doesn’t turn into one after the other. Always follow a negative thought with a positive one.

Do you know that your thoughts initiate energy? That this energy can go from your thoughts to anywhere in your body? If you think thoughts that are beneficial to your health, and your well being you could save yourself from future health problems. Close your eyes, listen to your breathe, think of nothing for a few minutes, then say: I want healing energy to go to my (whatever your health problem is), or to my heart, lungs, kidneys etc every day.

Your thoughts can help you heal. Sit quietly, listen to your breathing, hear the noises from your surroundings, but don’t think about anything for a while. Then think to yourself, I want healing energy to go to……..whatever you want healing energy for, or to go to in your body. Do this every day, two or three times a day if you can. 

If there is anything that you want to do today, which you don’t feel you can. Connect to you own inner energy and calm. Stay strong and believe in yourself. A positive attitude gives you power and can lift you above external constraints both mentally and in reality.




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