Distant Healing

Distant healing to anywhere in the world by Reiki Master in UK. Message me for details of how to book. Good for health problems, mind, body, spirit. Usui lineage. Payment in advance by bank transfer or paypal. Ask me any questions in comments, I am happy to help.

If anyone like to have distant healing sent to them. It is at present only £12 for the hour, £18 for two people on the same booking.  You can have the healing either by sitting or lying down for half hour or an hour, and booking a particular time if you would like to do that, or by just having your usual day, and the healing will come to you at some point during your day. I would need your name(s) and if possible a photo(s) to help the connection, which you can send in a PM on facebook. To pay, you can pay either by paypal, I will send my email address to you via message, so you can do that, or by bank transfer/deposit one bank working day prior to the appointment day. I am a Reiki Master Mikao Usui lineage, and I have been doing zen meditation for over 20 years. Reiki is beneficial for mind, body and spirit. If you have any health problems, give Reiki a chance to help you as it has helped me on many occasions, and my customers. I am in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, so if anyone in Yorkshire would like an in person appointment, 

@ReikiLifeEnergyPractioner      on facebook

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