How your intuition can help you know if a decision is right or wrong and how can you build trust in your intuition?

You can know if a decision is right or wrong by how you feel after deciding it, if your decision makes you feel good and you are comfortable with it, then this means it is right for you, if your decision makes you feel uncomfortable or negative in any way such as unhappy, sad, frightened or worried then it is a decision that is not right for you and needs to be reassessed.

Your gut feeling in your gut or stomach can tell you if you are making a right or wrong decision, if it is a wrong decision for you, then you could feel a sinking feeling, or discomfort such as anxiety or tenseness in your solar plexus region/ gut or stomach.  If it is the right decision you will feel a calmness/light or pleasant feeling in your gut/stomach or a knowing feeling.

Your intuition can tell you if a decision is right or wrong by a feeling of knowing that you get, you may instinctively know that something is right for you.  You can also feel the energy around you which may help to give you a sense of whether your decision is right or wrong for you or you could pick up on the signs/energies from other people connected to your decision.  Intuition occurs spontaneously so it is something that you don’t have to think over and over about.

You can know if a decision is right or wrong by meditating and feeling the energy when you meditate at the same time as thinking about what you have decided to do, then if you feel that the energy is negative or makes you feel unhappy in any way then you can reconsider if your decision is the right one for you.

You can build trust in your intuition by listening to it, doing what it says in your day to day life and then you will see that it is true to what is best for you.  Listening to how your gut/solar plexus region feels is good way.  However, if you have doubts or fears in your life, anxiety problems or you worry a lot,  these need to be addressed so that they are not confused with natural gut feelings which are linked to your intuiton.  

Your intuition could come to you in your inner voice, your voice in your ‘mind’, and this can be difficult sometimes to distinquish between ordinary thoughts and your intuition talking to you, but quite often your intuition is a small voice which is softer and quieter than the ordinary voice of your thoughts, and again, when you hear this softer voice pay attention to it, because this is speaking through your life’s knowledge and experience and it will become easier to hear it and listen to it with practice and by following it’s advice and seeing that it knows what is good for you.

If you have difficulty hearing this small voice then listen to your feelings and try and feel what is in the stillness and to pick up on any thoughts or feelings which come through if you mediate on something, e.g. think about what it is you would like some intuitive input about and then meditate by sitting quietly and listening to your breath.

Why you might guide your clients to develop their intuition,

A client may be having problems in their life because of bad decisions they are making for themselves, decisions which are taking them in a direction which is not right/not good for them, they could come to with problems which have been caused by making a bad decision and asking for advice on how to change their life and how to make better decisions.  

A client could come to you saying that they are not good at listening to their intuition and ask for help to access it better and to hear it better and how to understand when it is their intuition talking to them.  

A client could be at a point in their life where they want to find a new direction and want to make sure they make the right decisions and they want to be able to access their intuition to help them make these decisions. 

A client could be having financial problems and want help to develop their intuition so that they can overcome this problem.

A client might be having repeated relationship problems and feels that they keep choosing the wrong person for them, and want to develop their intuition so that they can feel better who to choose to go out with and so that they don’t keep going out with people who are not good for their life.

A client may be wanting to work in some type of spiritual concern such as mediumship and want to develop their intuition for their spiritual work.

A client may say they have difficulty knowing what is right or wrong for them and their life, they could say that they feel adrift and out of sync with themselves/ their true self or feel they are off course somehow and you think that helping develop their intuition will help them to find out and make new or better choices for their life.

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