Ten minutes visualisation for relaxation and stress reduction:

Sit down comfortably. Close your eyes, I want you to imagine that you are walking along a beach, this could be a beach you know, or simply a stretch of sand, the sky above is a blue and bright, a spring day. To your right is the sea, it has small waves, the sea is clear glitters in the sunshine. Walk along the beach, the sand feels warm and soft under your feet, with every step, you feel more comfortable, and calmer. With every step, you can hear the noise of the waves, which is soothing, and feel a gentle breeze on your face. Walk along the beach, you can hear seagulls over head, and you can smell the sea air, and the sea weed along the shoreline. Continue walking along the beach, with each step, you are leaving the past behind you, with each step, you are releasing yourself from your worries, with each step you feel more relaxed. Continue walking along the beach, with each step you feel more confident, and stronger. As you do this, breathe normally, and listen to your breath. Walking along the beach, the sun shines on your face, and the warmth is soothing. Walking along the beach, you can hear the waves softly crashing to your right, over and over and over. Walking along the beach, there is only this moment of calm and comfort right now where everything is fine. After ten minutes, open your eyes, take time to ‘wake up’, especially if you need to drive anywhere, drink some water, enjoy the rest of the day.


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