Your Home and Environment

Does your house feel like it has negative energies in it? Do you feel like there are spirits in your house, and you would like to make sure that these spirits are not creating difficult living conditions? Would you like to feel that your house is cleared of any negative energies leftover from previous people who live there, or previous people who used to visit, or from people who have died in the house? Do you feel that you have spirits in the house, which you would like to move on? Would you like your house protected from people entering it with ill intent? Do you feel that you have created an unsatisfactory environment where your own sadness, and emotional suffering has left the house feeling stale, and depressing? Is your home cluttered and creating anxiety for you?

Your home should be your sanctuary. A place where you feel safe. A place that you look around and it makes you feel happy. An environment where you can relax easily.

If you would like your house energetically cleared, and protected do contact me for this. I am in Yorkshire, so can travel within this area, and further afield. People often have this done, if they are having difficulties in the house, or feel that they have unwanted energies present, and if they are not having any problems at all, then they can have this for extra protection for themselves- as I have done in my own house.

I also offer a declutter service where I come and help you sort out what to get rid of in your house, and how to make it a more comfortable and stressfree environment. Sorting out what no longer brings you joy, what items no longer are needed, and making space for new things in your life.

A cluttered house is often a sign of holding on to past problems, past difficulties, and not letting go of negative emotions. You can talk through these negative emotions as you let them go, and let go of the items from your past, which may have negative connotations attached to them. So you can move forward into the new year with a fresh start.

This work is conducted with Reiki energy and positive energy. I am a qualified holistic therapist and have a degree in psychology. And also, if you are not in UK, you could still have this energy sent to you distantly.

Phone Sheila Williams 07954 192916 to enquire or message me. I am in Yorkshire, but can travel to anywhere in the country.


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