House clearing and protecting

If you would like your house energetically cleared, and protected do contact me for this. I am in Yorkshire, so can travel within this area, and further afield. People often have this done, if they are having difficulties in the house, or feel that they have unwanted energies present, and if they are not having any problems at all, then they can have this for extra protection for themselves- as I have done in my own house.

Of course if you feel that you have spirits in the house, which you would like to move on, this could also be done for this as well. Also if you feel that you have negative energies present this could be a help for you as well.

This work is conducted with Reiki energy, and positive energy.  And also, if you are not in UK, you could still have this energy sent to you distantly.

housePlease message me with any questions and for price.


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