Your authentic best self by YiYe Zhang

 Your best self knows your deepest calling, it reminds you of what you’ve long forgotten and who you really are.

When anxiety, timidity or despair become the collective habitual patterns, it’s important to calm our emotional body and lift our Spirit, individually and collaboratively.

🌷 The more of us who gather the scattered spirit, the more collective memories will be transformed into the nutrients which are required to heal our human realm.

So that we can revive from stagnancy, restore the rhythm of our nervous system and transform the trauma-muddled memories.
As difficult experiences turn into wisdom at the individual level, the hard-won lessons are then illuminating the collective consciousness to entice the divine light to be reborn.

Our best self is always present, just that the journey itself is not a straight line. 

✨ Your best self is always calling: calling you to rise up and grow, to curl up and heal, to explore and transform, to guide and inspire.

When conflicts are heightened in recent times, angered and scarred, people are lonely and depleted. We stumble and wobble – it can be a real struggle to stay present with the raw emotions, let alone becoming a real help.

💐It may feel that whatever we do is too insignificant.
However, please know that every time you are interested in the person right in front of you or one screen away, when you are not rushing to conclusions but give space to hear their story, when you see the world through their heart, you are contributing to wholeness.


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