Reiki Training:  via in class teaching, as outlined below.

Also training can be done via skype, requiring either two people or yourself and someone to work with for practical sessions who is not taking the course.  The teaching is conducted via skype but the empowerments and attunements are also conducted in person- they work in the same way via distant, but to ensure that you have no difficulties with bodies who have objections to distant attunements, I arrange to see you in person, travelling to yourself, if necessary at no extra cost for this.  So, you are able to take the reiki  training anywhere in the UK mainland.

Level One via in class teaching

The level one course is a one day course, with pre course reading to do, via a manual sent to you, and pre course meditations to do, via 2 cds sent to you.
And a one day practical course with myself. This is £160 per person, which includes the manual and 2 cds. And a certificate for level one. There is a £80 deposit to pay per person, via bank deposit/transfer, on booking, and £80 per person on the day by cash only. Or you can pay in full on booking via bank deposit/transfer.

(the deposit is non-refundable)

Normally the start time will be 10 am and finish five thirty.

The Level One Shoden course is a Traditional Mikao Usui Reiki course.

The course itself includes the following:

Meditation training

Reiki meditations, learning the Japanese ‘Hatsurei Ho’ technique

Learning to work with energy, using simple exercises

Three Reiju Empowerments (connections to Reiki)

Using Reiki to provide self treatments

Feeling and scanning energy fields

practising on others- family and friends, demonstration and discussion

Giving and receiving Reiki with other students

self healing


There is also ongoing support after the day course in the weeks and months following and also in between taking further training. Starting a Reiki journey is a special time, and you can begin as soon as you receive the manual and Cds.

The Reiki manual is very comprehensive and I will tell you which parts of it to read prior to the course, so that you will be fully prepared for the day. But you don’t have to worry about revision or memorising anything. Reiki isn’t about that. The practical aspect is more important so on the day you can just relax and enjoy it.

Reiki Level One: Manual, 2 cds, certificate, pre course reading and meditations prior to course which will take you about 9 hours, and a full day practical course.

Level Two via in class teaching

Level two Reiki. Leave at least two months between level one and two.  Advance your self healing.  Learn symbols to use.  Special meditations.  Learn about using intuition.  Learn about distant healing.  You can start treating other people once you have done this course.  If you are from a different lineage don’t worry, you can receive level one manual, or download, and have two days training instead of one to bring you up to same level of knowledge. There is pre-course work and practical on the course.

The Second Degree costs £190. You pay a deposit of £80 now via bank deposit/transfer and a further £110  on the day of your course.  One or two days practical Course with pre-course reading to do, via a manual sent to you, and pre-course meditations to do.  If you would like to take the course over two days, where you would do more studying in class, but still would need to do pre-course work that is the same price.

Reiki Master Teacher via in class teaching

Leave at least 6 months, between level two and three.  Special meditations, kotodama, explore intent more and it’s uses, learn how to empower yourself and others, and western style attunements. Once you have done this course you are able to teach others in all three levels.  Time to ask questions and lots of practical experience.

The Reiki Master Teacher course costs £497. You pay a deposit of £147 now via bank deposit/transfer, and a further £350 on the day of your course.  A two day course with pre-course reading to do, via a manual sent to you, and pre-course meditations to do.

Do give me phone call if you would like to chat about the courses, or ask any questions.

Book now pay deposit for the course you want- level one £80, level 2 £80, level 3 £147, in person-Bournemouth and within 15 miles up to 13th Sept, then Bognor Regis area.

and text me name and address and preferred date or is it distant learning, 07954 192916