Beat the winter blues

Re-energise yourself by having a Reiki session.   Book a Reiki appointment with Reiki Master Sheila Williams.  Gentle energy, calming, soothing, relaxing.  I am trained and insured and ready to help you.  Try Reiki this week and you could be amazed by the results.  If you would like to ask any questions, simply send me a message, or ring me, or email.  I am happy to explain and have a chat about what it is you would like help with.  You can have a Reiki session for your health, or simply to relax and rejuvenate. As with any other therapy session, there is no guarantee.  And I do not claim to cure any medical condition or illness, that is not allowed.  All I say is try it for yourself. Many people talk about the benefits they have had from Reiki.

Low Energy

Have an energy top up, by Master Reiki Practitioner Sheila Williams


Chronic Fatigue Syndrone

Try a Reiki session.  Mobile Reiki Master Sheila Williams, for an appointment in your own home.

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Mikao Usui lineage. Reiki Energy.

It is advised that you continue with any medical treatment whilst seeing a Reiki practitioner.

Master Reiki Mobile Practitioner

Trained and qualified Master Reiki Mobile sessions.  Relaxing, calming, take time off from your worries, and stress.  Yorkshire Areas. Ring for appointments.

Reiki Share 18th October 2016

Went to a Reiki share on Tuesday 18th October.  It was wonderful to connect to energy in the group.  Also when I had my group treatment, I felt the energy all around me.  One of the women channelling energy for me, said she felt the energy strong too and had her hands on the edge of it.  I was cocooned in a huge ball of energy.  It felt very good, and I wished that it could have gone on for longer.  We all had about just under ten minutes each for the group treatments.  There was a lot of energy in the room that night.

Sheila Williams 07954192916

Treatments available in a 30 miles radius of Dewsbury/Wakefield.  But further afield in Yorkshire is possible- please enquire.



Reiki Principles

The Secret of Inviting Happiness through many blessings, The spiritual medicine for all illness.

( blessings may have referred to reiju empowerments)

Just for Today

do not anger

do not worry

be honest in your dealings with people

be humble

be compassionate to yourself and others

do gassho every day ( gassho means two hands coming together, a way of focusing to meditate by placing handing together as in a prayer position, and focusing on the two middle fingers meeting, and listening to your breathing,)

Incidently, you don’t have to have your hands in the prayer position to meditate.  Also, you don’t  have to sit in a lotus, crossed leg position, you can be lying down or sitting down in a comfy chair or any seat which is handy.

Connect to Reiki Energy

Natural healing.  You body is constantly trying to heal itself.  You can assist this process by connecting to a source of healing energy.  Zen meditation and Reiki are both natural ways to utilise the power of healing energy.

Home Visits in Yorkshire or Come to Wakefield for an appointment

Sheila Williams Master Reiki Energy Healing practitioner.  I have trained in Mikao Usui  lineage.   Visit me in Wakefield, or you can relax in your own home or hotel and have a treatment.  You can be lying down or sat in a comfortable chair or sofa for the treatment which is carried out fully clothed.

Sheila Williams 07954192916

At your home treatments are available in a 30 miles radius of Wakefield.  But further afield in Yorkshire is possible- please enquire.

If you haven’t heard of Reiki or energy healing before, you could be amazed by the results and wonder why you haven’t tried it before.

It helps to heal all health conditions, it is a healing treatment. So if you have an illness or a health problem try it and see for yourself.  There are no side effects, it is completely natural.

If you are sceptical then give me a call, I can arrange a reduced price treatment for you as a first time client.   You can also have a treatment with a friend- make an appointment for yourself and a friend at the same time. You could also invite a group of friends over to your house for a healing afternoon.

How Energy Healing works

Energy Healing uses natural energy from the universe and the practitioner guides this energy using their own energy from their thoughts and intent.  Universal energy is the energy in and around the practitioner, and the energy in the world which is around us all the time.  The treatment is always for the higher good of the client, and the person doing  the treatment also benefits from the healing energy at the same time.  This natural energy has no side effects and is a gentle but efficient way to feel better.  I connect to universal energy when I give a treatment and the energy flows into me, and then to the client through myself.  If the client as a specific health problem then I can direct the energy to work on that.