Guided Meditation over phone/ in person

If you are new to meditation, having one to one guided meditation sessions are a good way to relax, and to learn how to meditate yourself.

You can also have guided meditation in your own home, with a one-to-one session, or with a small group of friends, so you can learn how to do this healing method for yourself.  You can also have this at my home in Wakefield on a one-to-one basis or over the telephone.  Have guided meditation on a one-to-one basis, helps you much more than going to a large groups where you have no direct support and guidence.  I have been doing Zen Meditation for over twenty years.  It is a natural healing modality.  In research meditation has been found to relieve stress, reduce worrying, is relaxing and good for pain relief.  If you would like to have a session with a friend or in a group this can be arranged also.

Guided Meditation £20, one hour, in Wakefield or mobile to your home or social group,  or over the telephone, for further afield please ring for a price, also available for groups.  Relaxation exercises are included at the beginning before we start the meditation.  Good for relaxation and self healing.  Beneficial for stress relief, living in the moment, and anxiety reduction.

Guided Meditation £20, one hour, as above, with added affirmations for health and fitness.  Over phone or in person.  (for in person outside of Wakefield, please ring/email for a price)

Guided Meditation £20, one hour, as above, with added affirmations for confidence and self esteem. Over phone or in person.  (for in person outside of Wakefield, please ring/email for a price)

Guided Meditation £20, one hour, as above, but focusing on being more mindful. Over phone or in person.  (for in person outside of Wakefield, please ring/email for a price)

It has been scientifically shown that meditation increases brain function, synaptic connections and gray matter in the brain, and has been shown to lower pain sensitivity. Regular meditation increases melatonin that may enhance the immunity system. It is also theorised that changes in the brain may lead to enhanced awareness and control of emotional experience, (Holzel et al, Coker, Massionet et al). It is also believed to be healing for the body.  (




Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

What happens in a Reiki healing treatment?

First of all, welcome if you are coming for Reiki with me.  I am a natural energy healing practitioner.  Reiki Master Teacher.  Mikao Usui Lineage.  Here I am going to explain what happens in a Reiki healing session.  I will explain to you what Reiki might feel like first of all.  People comment on seeing colours when they have Reiki. Some people say they feel warmth from the practitioners hands, or cool, or tingling, for a short time.  Sometimes people feel emotional afterwards, if the session has brought things to the surface.  Some people say they feel like they are floating.  But, you may not feel any of these things and the healing energy will still be working for you. You will feel deeply relaxed, and calm. It is quite common for people to drop asleep when they have Reiki.  If you have any questions, then do ask questions.  (I also do mobile treatments at clients houses.)

When you have Reiki, it is conducted fully clothed.  You can have Reiki lying on a therapy table or sat in a chair.  I normally conduct Reiki by gently placing my hands on areas such as head, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, areas such as chest, will be hands above the body and not touching.  If you would like to have a no contact session, do tell me.  The energy will still go to you and will still work for you.  The reason why I use contact, is so that since you are here, the contact is used to enable a strong connection with you for the energy to go to you. If I conduct a distant healing session, there would be no physical contact because of course this would not be possible. But when you have an in person healing session, it can make it easier for me to connect with you for the energy to go to you.

All you need to do is relax.  You don’t need to do anything during the session, just relax.  Usually people close their eyes, because this enabled you to relax easier.  Because I am not medically trained, I do not attempt to diagnose any health problems.  But I can tell you this, the natural healing energy is good for any health problems, and to assist recovery from illness or injury.  You can have healing energy alongside any medical treatments.

I will play some gentle relaxing music when you have your treatment.  When you have a healing energy session with myself, I will be meditating during this time. I have been doing Zen meditation for over twenty years, and this is something that is very good for your health and brain in many ways.

When the session is over, I will tell you to ‘come around’ slowly, since you may have been dosing off, or even fully asleep, and take your time.  It is a good idea afterwards to drink some water.  I will bring you a glass of water, and you can sit and drink it.  Reiki is deeply relaxing so take time to ‘wake up’ before driving. It works at different levels, and in different ways for each person. It is an individual experience, depending on what you need.  The energy is gentle, but effective.

People do ask if the therapist is affected by the energy when doing a healing session, or words to that effect.  And this is the answer: when I utilise the healing energy, I also benefit from it, and when doing Zen meditation during the treatment, I am also benefiting from that too.  The energy does not drain me, or make me tired.  I can do self healing for myself as well and carry out self healing every day for myself.

Thank you for choosing me to help you connect to healing energy, life force energy, and hope to see you again soon!  Please recommend me, so that I can reach other people and they can benefit too.

Reiki Time

1. When stressed or anxious
2. When tired or have insomnia
3. When affected by illness or disease
4. When injured in some way
5. When feeling low
6. When in need of spiritual uplifting
7. When you want some me time
8. When you are struggling to get better
9. When you need a pick me up
10. When you feel low in energy
11. When you are overworked
12. After an operation, to assist recovery quicker
13. To continue spiritual development and growth
14. For general health improvement
15. For general health maintenance

reiki hands and heart

Focus and Intent (in short)


When people think about doing/giving/sharing Reiki they are not talking about switching it on, they are using their focus and intention. It is not a negative thing to use focus when thinking about Reiki. Yes, let us all try and follow the precepts 24 hours a day. Some people say reiki on, when they give/be reiki for someone, or hey might say, connect to reiki. This doesn’t mean that that person isn’t connected all the time to reiki, or that they aren’t their true self. Reiki means spiritually guided life force energy to me, life energy, soul energy, healing energy. It also is a way to find your true self, your inner being and your own natural way and intuition. Yes, let’s not forget the precepts and follow them every day.  The precepts are the essence of Reiki.

Just for today
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be humble
Be honest in your dealings with people
Be compassionate to yourself and others


What are your biggest Challenges this week?

When you have a long list of things to get done.  The best way is to make a plan.  List what you the work you need to do.  Prioritise what are the top three most important things that you need to do, and make sure you do them first.  If you think of anything that might be an obstacle for anything, then list options to overcome this.  Clear away clutter as you work, and tidy as you work, so that you don’t end up with a mountain of rubbish to clear away, or a mountain of washing up, or a mountain of paperwork to do, or a mountain of filing or forms to fill in.  If you have a pet hate, such as I do, mine is filling in forms. I hate filling in forms.  Don’t make my mistake and leave them, leave them, and hope that they disappear into thing air and I win the lottery before I have to bother with them.  Make a start as soon as you have one to fill in.  Make a start.  The sooner you start anything the sooner it can be completed, and the quicker it is out of your worry and work load.  Also, when you start to do anything, you can find out things that you need to look up, or questions you need to find answers to before you can finish whatever it is.  It is best not to  procrastinate, even though it is tempting to put things aside for as long  as you can get away with it.  The longer you leave things, the harder they may become, because when you first look at something that you need to do, you start to have ideas about how to do it. But if you put it aside, those ideas can become lost in time.  So make sure you get on with what needs doing as soon as possible, so that your good ideas and possible solutions are made the most of.

Take a break when you need to.  Sometimes problems that you are working on, need a bit of extra time. So take a break, have a drink, a walk, a chat on the phone with a friend, have lunch, wash up, put on a keep fit video for half an hour.  Then afterwards when you go back to the problem the solution may come to you with your fresh perspective and renewed energy.


Healing Energy and Illnesses

There is some confusion about whether Reiki is suitable to be used for people who are having medical treatments for their illness, and when is best to have Reiki is you have a disease or illness.

Reiki is beneficial at any time for any illness or disease, and their symptoms.  It is not necessary to wait until after your treatments have finished before starting to have Reiki sessions.  It is possible and beneficial to have Reiki along aside any medical treatments.  The healing energy will help as it can and won’t have any adverse effect on your medical treatments.  It is a good idea to have Reiki at any time, fit and healthy or when you have health problems.  The energy does what it can at any given time.  It heals to the extent it is possible in that instant, in that session and for the time that it persists after your Reiki session.  Reiki cannot harm.  There are no contra-indications to having Reiki.  hands and energy

Please don’t hesitate to have Reiki, if you are ill in any way.  It is the same as when you think about conventional medicine and treatments.  The quicker you have access to help, the better.  The sooner you give this natural energy the chance to help you, the sooner you will see results.

reiki hands 3

Connection to Reiki

We are all connected to a healing energy within ourselves.  We are all connected to universal energy around us as we are all connected to the universe itself.  We are all connected to spiritual energy.  These connections are not given by a Reiki Master when you train, they are already there.  A Reiki Master deepens the connection by empowerments and attunements.  We are Reiki.  We all have the power within us to be spiritual beings, to be the light, to be healing energy, to be empowered earthly and spiritual.

It is fine to say that I do Reiki for myself and for other people. It is fine to say that I am going to be Reiki for you.  It is fine to say that I use Reiki energy.  It is fine to say that I give Reiki.  It is fine to say that I share Reiki.  It is fine to say we are Reiki.  I help people to gain their spiritual awareness.  I help people to understand their connection to a healing energy.  I help people to understand their connection to a universal energy and a spiritual energy. There is not one saying that is better than the other.  There is not one expression to use that must be used by everyone.  Whichever words we use, the Reiki energy will work exactly the same. If someone says they are doing Reiki or being Reiki, the energy will be exactly the same, and one will not be more profound than the other.

Let us use our connection to Reiki to bring people together not divide by the words we use to describe our connection.  What, how we do, be, use, connect, utilise, the energy for ourselves and other people not as important as that we are able to have this, that we are able to know this, and bring this understanding to other people.  We are able to share this with other people.  There is a natural healing energy.  There is a natural universal energy.  There is a natural method of healing.  There is a natural way to heal.  There is a natural way to help ourselves and other people to heal.  There is a natural way to help ourselves and others in our and their spiritual path.  There is a natural way to do this that does not divide us as human beings, but brings us closer together as human beings.