Working in Cornwall from June 22nd to July 7th

Hi, Well I am away again, this time to Cornwall for 2 weeks, but it is a working holiday, so if anyone would like to have Reiki while I am in Cornwall or train in Reiki, do get in contact. I am a Reiki practitioner and teacher, Usui ryoho reiki.

Summertime fitness

The summer is a great time to be outside more and get fitter and healthier. Going swimming, cycling, walking. There are lots of outdoor sports to do in the summer, tennis, bowls, skipping, yes skipping, very good for you. When I think about how much skipping I used to do as a child, it must have helped me stay fit in the middle school. I need to get my skipping rope out of the cupboard and start using it again. Well, I go body boarding in the sea, there are plenty of waves to catch in Cornwall. Gorgeous beaches and we are going to hire some bikes to ride as well so that will be good exercise. It’s good to go to different beaches, some where you can go body boarding and others that are calm for swimming in and cooling down in the hot sun.

It’s 19th June today, and the sun is shining, it’s very warm outside. Yesterday I had a swim at a health spa I am a member of and that was great and a good way to cool down. Hopefully this week it will stay nice and warm so I can go in the sea. I never learnt how to surf but I can body board very well. It’s good to have some sort of exercise you can do that you enjoy. Unfortunately I don’t live very near to the sea and so it means a drive of some sort to get to any beaches. I was in Norfolk recently and went on the beach there one day and in the sea and after that, the weather changed and it was too cold to go on the beach. But now hopefully we will have good weather until the winter.


I am in Lincoln area for 2 weeks from 5th June. I teach Usui Ryoho Reiki and if you would like to start or continue your reiki journey, I am mobile to you in the Lincoln area within 25 miles. You can continue Reiki from any lineage and I will catch you up on anything different in my lineage. If you want to volunteer in the NHS, you may need particular teaching eg. 2 days for each level or case studies. Whatever method of study you need for what you want to do with Reiki I can provide this. I usually give one days training for level one and level 2 and 2 days training for level 3, but can easily go 2 days for each. Also, I don’t ask anyone to provide case studies I ask students to practice and give feedback on their practice of Reiki and what they have been doing. However, if you need to do case studies, I can help you with these, how to do them, what to write up and how to document it all. I have a degree in psychology so am used to doing research and case studies, I also did case studies for aromatherapy when I trained as an aromatherapist. So Reiki training is very versatile and any method you require I can do that. If you want to train via distance also you could do that.

If you are in Lincoln area, do contact me asap, to arrange dates which can be done to suit you so long as I am free. Sheila 07954 192916

If you have a friend who wants to train as well with you at the same time, that would be great and I can give you a discount for 2 people together for the 2 weeks I am in Lincoln.

Reiki has a lot of benefits for your health and wellbeing. And once you know how to use Reiki to benefit yourself, you can do this every day and for your friends and relatives as well, and pets too!

I have been to Lincoln before and it’s a lovely area with nice villages to visit, I am staying in a village. And the city of Lincoln it good to visit and many things to find to do there.

I also am providing spiritual counselling, reiki appointments, massages and Indian head massages and combinations of these as well while in the area. You can also book on fresha-

Lincoln area for 2 weeks from 5th June

I will be staying in a village near Lincoln for 2 weeks from the 5th June and am working mobile to you within 25 miles on Lincoln. All treatments are available and combinations of them. Massages, Indian head massages, chakra balancing, Reiki, Reiki training, Spiritual counselling, guided meditation, Reiki shares. Bookings via phone or fresha. Sheila 07954 192916

Reiki Via Distant Connection

Reiki has many benefits and is a natural way to promote healing and relaxation. All you do is sit or lie down and relax to receive the benefits . Book a session on a date and time to suit you. Pay via paypal.

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Pay via paypal, you don’t need a paypal account.

Self Healing Meditation

Whatever meditation you do. You can use this meditation to heal yourself at the same time. This is also one of the ways you can heal yourself with Reiki and meditation. So begin your meditation, this could be in whatever way you do it usually and at the same time, begin a connection to your own healing energy and Reiki energy, allow it to build up and just sit in this healing energy for as long as you meditate. I have been meditating for over 30 years and do believe that many methods of meditation help us to heal as well physically as well as being relaxing and reducing stress. The meditation I do also helps me to live in the moment and reduce worrying.

Usually I sit and make sure I am sitting comfortably, but when you meditate you don’t need to sit cross legged on the floor or have any particular posture, unless you want to. You can sit comfortably as you wish and close your eyes and relax. For Reiki meditation, I make an intention for the Reiki energy to flow and my own energy and sit and relax in the energy with my eyes closed and just being aware of the sound of my breath. Breathing as normal, but just hearing the sound of my breath and any noises from the environment and not thinking purposely about anything. Let any thoughts go by like clouds passing in the sky and just relax in a space of healing energy.

Reiki healing: donations greatly appreciated

I have done a lot of complementary healing to people who I have seen in need of help via the internet. But of course time is short when you need to work to pay your bills, If you would like to help me to continue giving as much help to people as I can, you could sponsor me via a donation, anything greatly appreciated. You don’t need a paypal account to do this.

Pay Holistic Therapy using PayPal.Me


Pay Holistic Therapy using PayPal.Me

Go to PayPal.Me/SheilaAnnReiki and enter the amount. It’s safer and more secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem. You don’t need a paypal account to pay someone with paypal.


Pet sits

Would you like your pets looked after by trusted housesitters in your home, so they don’t have to go into a cattery or kennels. Join the website to find someone to care for your pets as you would like them to be cared for. 25% discount using this link-…/refer-a-friend/…

I am enjoying looking after cats and dogs in people’s homes. It’s much better for them than being put into kennels or catteries, esp if they are not happy going to them. They can continue with their usual routines in their own homes while you go away on holiday or doing whatever you need to do and come back to a clean, tidy house and well looked after pet.

Trusted housesitters are just about all over the world, esp in UK, America and Australia and also in some countries in Europe as well.

These are some of my reviews-

‘it was obvious from photos that Nunu had bonded well with her – lying beside her on the sofa and sleeping on her bed! I returned home to find Nunu well groomed and happy and the house clean and tidy. Sheila kept in touch by text so I was able to relax while away.’ 2019 Weymouth

‘Sheila was the perfect sitter – she has a very gentle and calm demeanour which was perfect for my nervous cat Bruno – he is usually wary of strangers so I was delighted to see photos of him snuggling on her lap on the first night! We spoke on the phone before the sit and Sheila sent me updates throughout. The flat was left in pristine condition – I wouldn’t have known she had been there! We enjoyed a cup of tea together when I arrived home and I could see how happy and comfortable Bruno was around her. Sheila is a lovely lady and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a sitter.’ 2019 Birmingham

‘I was nervous about leaving my girls as this was the first time using Trusted Housesitters. Sheila asked lots of questions before hand and thoroughly checked my guide book, which made me feel reassured. Sheila bonded really well with girls and has been a great sitter. The girls missed her when she was gone! I had cleaned the house with a fine toothed comb before her arrival and it was left in the same condition for our return. Perfect!’ 2021 Cornwall

‘Sheila did a fine job looking after the cats ,feeding the birds etc The house was clean and tidy on my return I have no reservations in recommending her as a housesitter.’ 2021 Cornwall

‘Sheila was caring and thoughtful and my cats were obviously comfortable with her, which is really great to know, as they can be quite nervous of people. I think they were well loved while I was away. The house was left clean and tidy, and there was milk, and even strawberries left in the fridge for me on my return. I’d be happy to recommend Sheila, and would be glad to have her again.’ 2021 Droylesden

Having a Reiki treatment and self care via Reiki for relief from stress

I believe that stress is an emotion, all emotions create chemicals in the body and the chemical which stress ‘produces’ is cortisol. If someone is repeatedly feeling stressed this will continually produce cortisol in the body which has negative effects. The physical feeling that stress produces is tiredness. So if you feel tired a lot and don’t know why it could be caused by stress that you are having. It is of course a good idea to reduce the reasons for stress in your life so that you feel better in the long term and are able to enjoy life more.

Reiki can help alleviate stress by:

  1. Giving you a space to relax and feel calm within and an opportunity to relax during your day or week. And if it is a reiki session you are having with a reiki practitioner, then it is a booked time for you to switch off, close your eyes and allow the practitioner to create a space of calm and relaxation for you. Somewhere you can escape your daily problems and just take some time out for self care and to recouperate.
  2. Helping the body to heal itself. Our body will heal better when in a relaxed state, our muscles are a good example of this, when you feel stressed often our muscles become tense in one part of the body or another, and results in pain and discomfort, when we are able to relax, this tension is alleviated and the pain diminishes and the muscles can heal instead of becoming worse.
  3. Helping sleep. Reiki aids sleep and our body recovers and repairs during sleep. It is always repairing itself, but we do need to sleep for our body to function well, and to sleep enough and to sleep well. So Reiki can help reduce stress by helping us to sleep better and get a better nights sleep.
  4. By eliminating blockages. Reiki eliminates blockages in our energy system. Stress can create blockages in our energy system which reiki helps to eliminate blockages so that energy can flow normally.
  5. Reiki can help to lift the spirits and enable us to feel more able to cope with any difficulties which we may have.

These are a few examples of how reiki helps if someone is feeling stressed, there are more ways which I wlll be talking about another day.